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Water time fun with Nuby Stacking Bath Boats.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post from Nuby.)

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Hi friends!
Are your kiddos like mine? Because if so they are water babies! My girls love the water from hanging out at the lake during summer! To splashing around during bath time and everything in between. They even love it sometimes when I fill up the kitchen sink and let them play with their toys. Well, today was one of those days and they had fun doing it with some help from Nuby Stacking Bath Boats.

Nuby Stacking Bath Boats are fun color boats that your kiddos can play with to have a fun bath time experience! Or in our case sink time experience too!

These Littles boats are so cool and come in 5 colorful colors to keep your kids attention! The colors include yellow, orange, blue, green and red. The boats were not only designed with fun in mind but learning as well. They teach development and hand-eye coordination. Really awesome for a bath toy if you ask me! 

The boats will provide endless playtime for kiddos. They can turn them upside and make wet waterfalls. They can even stack the boats one by one which makes storing them easy mom and sad! The boats are BPA free and made for ages 9 months and up. These boats can be bought on Amazon. So if you wanna make bath time, playtime or water time fun well then hop aboard the Nuby Stacking Bath Boat! Sailing off friends! 

Check out Nuby Stacking Bath Boats here.

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