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DIY Gabby Gabby Toy Story 4 costume.

Hi friends!
My favorite holiday is almost here. Yes! Halloween! If you are a planner like me who thinks it's never to early to start thinking about Halloween costumes raise your hand? I know that as the holiday gets close the costumes only get more expensive. Last year I wrote a blog on a DIY Halloween costume from the Disney Pixar movie Monsters Inc. (read it here) That blog has been a hit on Pinterest so I decided this year not only would I do another DIY costume blog but I would do 8! 

That's one blog post every Friday leading up to Halloween. As a mom on a budget, I thought it was important to me that I was able to blog about costumes that feature items most of us have at home. That way everyone could attempt the costume if they'd like. I also thought it would be a fun challenge too. Cool stuff right? So today we kick this little series off with Gabby Gabby from Toy Story 4. 

If you have NOT seen Toy Story 4 then don't read this blog because spoiler alert! We all know Gabby Gabby was the evil little 1950's doll from Toy Story 4 who at the beginning of the movie I'm sure we would all agree was just an awful character. But we all grew to love her at the end as we realized she was just a troubled little doll who wanted to be loved. I personally thought Gabby Gabby would be a great costume to do. Because it's super easy and super cute. So here's what you'll need.

-yellow dress
-yellow dress shoes (we only had clear sandals)
-2 yellow hair bows
-eyeliner (or any makeup to create freckles)
-white dress socks or regular ones (I didn't have dress ones)

Once I got Aria dressed, I put the pigtails in her hair and added the bows. She was already loving it. But when I added the freckles to her face she was insanely in love. Originally I planned on using eyeliner to create her freckles. Unfortunately, I did not have the right kind, so a few dabs on mascara actually worked out pretty well. Aria loved this costume so much she actually stayed in it for the rest of the day. We had a blast creating this and can't wait to show you guys what we have in store for next week. 

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