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DIY Russell from Up movie costume.

Hello everybody and thank you Porsha for having me!
  My name is Maria and I'm from Today I bring you a super fun, super simple DIY costume...for boys! I'm a mom of both and know Porsha's got plenty of great costumes lined up for girls in her series, so I thought I'd bring something to the table for you boy moms out there!  

This week's DIY costume is inspired by Russell, the little boy in the movie Up. We happened to have every single item necessary to make this on hand already, but if you don't, this can still be executed with less than $10! Here's what you need:

- 1 yellow top or onesie (ours has minions on the front, so I flipped it around! Ta-da!)
- Brown Shorts
- Brown or tan ribbon
- 1 orange handkerchief (we had ours but it was $0.97 at Walmart)
- Paint  or Markers (We used Chunkies Paint Sticks we won in an Instagram giveaway from and they are AMAZING. Put these on your kids' Christmas lists)

After you've gathered your supplies, the rest is simple!  The only thing you are "making" here is the bottle cap sash.  Since I have a rather energetic 17 month old, I thought a flat, injury proof alternative was a good idea. I measured out a piece of burlap ribbon I already had in our craft closet, stapled it together and painted on pretend bottle caps. Next I got him all dressed, slipped the sash over and tied the handkerchief around his neck loosely. 

Say hello to Russell!

If you've got an older kiddo, here are a few things you can add to give it a bit more authenticity: 
- real bottle caps and a glue gun instead of painted on bottle caps or safety pin buttons
- a yellow hat (my son won't leave anything on his head for more than three seconds)
- work style boots/Timberlands
- a backpack
- a felt flag
- a bouquet of balloons

I hope you enjoyed this fun costume hack and again thank you to Porsha for bringing me in on the fun.  Happy Halloween!

XxOo  Maria

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