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Living Room Tour.

Hi friends!
Today I bring you guys the first room you see when you walk into our home, our living room. This space I'd say is the space we spend the most time in. I mean I am literally in here right now as I type this. It's where my little office space is located, where Dayjhan frequents his PS4 and where the kids like to leave toys all over the floor. Let me tell you more about it.

The very first thing you will see when you walk into our living room always is our giant frames from Shutterfly. When I imagine my living room I imagine these frames over and over. I was able to make imagination real life with their help. I took portraits of my girls against my moms living room walls and edited them, sent them to Shutterfly and the rest was history. I can honestly say the frames are my favorite party in my living room. Our couch was gifted to us by Dorel Living and super comfy, I added some fun buffalo plaid pillows from TJ Maxx and we plan on adding a throw over the couch as well. Our coffee table along with our two end tables I found on It was such a steal for the three of them I had to purchase them. On each table has something different on it. Our main coffee table typically will have whatever decor I have going on to match my floating shelf (which I'll talk about in a second). The side table to the left has a wicker basket full of more decorative pillows including a Rae Dunn inspired family one my friend Quinn created for us. While our other table has an air freshener accompanied by a candle.

Moving on over to the side of that you will find another wall full of beautiful frames from Art To Frames of some of our favorite memories. Below that sits our Ameriwood bench and next to that a kids growth chart my dad got for the girls some Christmas's ago. Oh, and can't forget about another wicker basket where the girls keep their backpacks.

The other side of our living room is simple we have our tv stand we love also from Ameriwood and we have our fireplace. I am swooning over those upcoming winter nights. I can't wait to light it. Above our fireplace is that floating shelf I was telling you about. One of my best friends Maria actually installed it for me and I purchased it from Ikea. I am in love with it. I feel like it's a great addition to our living room and really compliments the area. Another thing that really compliments the area? Our family wall decal from our friends over at Luxe Loft. We were able to customize it ourselves and it was very easy to hang. Huge thank you to Luxe Loft.

Lastly, we have my office space. My desk is from our friends at Nathan James and most of the supplies on it are from Rae Dunn. I will admit I don't work their often as I am always moving around the house with my laptop but when I do I love the views out the window.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of our living room and as we update little things here and there I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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