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Lovers lane (our bedroom tour).

Hi friends!
Today we kick off the first blog of many in my home tour series. I am so excited to share with you each room in our little space piece by piece. From the moment I found out we were moving I created a vision for each room. With the help of my husband putting everything together, my sponsors supplying some amazing items and my best friends being on call every hour with me bugging them about buying plants or where to hang pictures I finally brought my visions to life.  

Let me introduce you to the first room. 

Lovers lane aka mine and Dayjhan’s room. Last year while I was randomly in home goods I spotted the cutest sign that said “lovers lane”. I had to purchase it and little did I know it would hang right over the top of our room and the sign would create the meaning and set the mood for our entire bedroom. 

When I visioned our bedroom I always thought “girly”. Unfortunately, I have a husband who didn’t share that vision so I quickly changed the idea of girly to neutral. I was able to find a love for the simplicity of black and white. Then added in touches of gray to it. 

We purchased our bed from Wayfair last year. I fell in love with the design of the headboard and the height from the ground. Our last bed was way to low so I wanted a happy medium. Our comforter set was purchased from King Linen my favorite site for comforts. We brought our last set in 2012 in our first place and it lasted us up until a year ago. So very, very good quality. Our rug was sponsored and came from our friends over at Loloi. Our dresser and nightstands are from our last bedroom set. I kept them because they are still good quality though they could use a little TCL. The items on the wall came from different stores like Target or Marshall's. Our wedding photo was actually Purchased on Groupon $15 what a steal. Every single nicknack or little decorative pieces on all three of our dressers came from me picking up random things I thought was cute from different stores. 

Moving along to our bathroom area I kept it very simple. I added some pieces from my favorite Rae Dunn collection. Our shower curtains I picked up at Target a year ago. While the love sign above our bathroom door wasn't initially meant for our room it was meant for the living room it goes better right where it’s at. 

I love every single bit of our room and aside from getting an ottoman, replacing our old knobs on our dresser with new ones, and working on a small bathroom project, I’d say our room is complete. 

Thanks for stopping by lovers lane :)

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