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Our Kitchen/Dining space tour.

I took this picture of Aria when we first moved in, so don't mind the difference in some of the decor. The rest of the photos were just recently taken last week.

Hi Friends
Today I am happy to feature another room in our apartment, our kitchen/dining space!
This is of course where we have our family game nights, where we do homework, where I seldom attempt to cook dinner without burning it. Basically the heart of our little home. While it's nothing crazy fancy or out of control I am so excited to share it with you guys. Come have a look.

 First will start with our dining corner. I had no vision for this corner, but I did have one thing. A bunch of wooden signs. I just placed them in random spots I thought would look nice and I love the way the corner turned out. Some days I think I'll add more signs, then other days I think it's perfect just the way it is. The signs even compliment's our Our Novogratz Henley Mid-century table which I love so much. This little dining corner is cozy and so far has made for so many memorable moments. Also if you are curious as to what's behind those doors it's our washer and dryer. 

Moving on into the actual kitchen space now. Our floors are made of laminated wood giving off that homey feeling every time you walk on them. Our last place did not have floors like this I think I may be a little too obsessed with them. I will admit though it can be a pain keeping them clean at times.  To the right, we have our deep fryer where my husband thinks he is a chef, and we also have our Eco Dot with Alexa. We often use her for filling our home with music, good vibes. Above our stove, I have a little decorative sign I purchased from Target over a year ago that surprisingly they still sell. I feel like it makes that stovetop area cute. Also on the stove is our actual sage and paolo alto sticks. I tend to light at least one of them every day for good energy. 

Right along the way you can find some of my canisters that I actually plan on selling, just not sure when yet. You can also find my coffee tier I love decorating for the holidays and my new Keurig® K-Duo Essentials™ Single-Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker I am still getting the hang of this whole making coffee at home thing slowly but surely I am hoping to save on all the money I waste on buying iced coffee. As we continue through the kitchen you'll see our ice maker, microwave and breadbasket exciting stuff right? But one thing that is exciting is our dishwasher. I love seeing some of my favorite photos of my family as I do dishes. It's a great alternative from hanging picture frames in the kitchen as well. We then have our fridge full of the kids art and our Primo water dispenser.

But I think everyone came to this post to see one thing my Rae Dunn. The biggest question I get is where do you keep it all? Well as you can see I keep all of my mugs on top of my cabinets for saving keeping for tiny toddler hands, and also I keep my other things like bowls, plates, pitchers etc in the cabinet.

So friends thanks for reading along and I hope you enjoyed my kitchen/dining space. You'll definitely be seeing more of it as we do art projects and some fun cooking blog post. See ya!

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