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Our life update (summer 2019).

Hi friends!
Happy Sunday Funday and Happy September 1st. Today is the start of a new month and one day closer to the best season ever invented fall. While a new season brings new changes these last few months we have already had a ton of changes so I thought I would just go ahead and write a quick little life update.  
So as you guys all know we finally moved into our new place after years of what seemed like dead ends we finally made it happen and we couldn't be happier (if you didn't catch that blog read about it here). Our new home is basically pretty much decorated and all that great stuff, so I promise I will be posting room tours room by room soon. So stay on the lookout for those. We are adjusting to the new place more and more every day and making it our home.

Another thing we are attempting to adjust to is no longer co-sleeping. Ah! I could easily talk about how hell-ish this has been but that would literally be an entire blog post all on its own. Ivy and Aria aren't taking being kicked out of our bed well especially Aria each night is a new fight but we do want to stop co-sleeping so I know it will take some time but will eventually get there. 

Moving on to happier update the girls recently started school. Ivy is a kindergartener and Aria started pre-school. It has been 4 weeks now and I am happy to say the like it for the most part Ivy more than Aria some days and our morning routine is down packed and sold. We have mornings that may not go according to schedule, but for the most part, we got this. 

Recently we were able to purchase a second car which is making life a million times easier. Sharing a car with my husband who works full time was so not fun but now that we both have separate cars it's the best! 

Lastly, Ivy decided after 3 years she no longer wanted to dance. While you can imagine my heartbreak I never wanted to be that stage mom that made my kids do something they don't want to so her and Aria are both taking a hiatus from dance until further notice. Aria currently isn't in any activities but Ivy is playing soccer for the season which is new to us. This is our first time dipping into the life our sports with the kids, so it'll take some getting used to... for me at least. Dayjhan was in sports his entire childhood so he has been so much help with Ivy during this transition from dance to sports. As far as anything else in life right now everything is pretty much the same and we are just taking it a day at a time and remembering how thankful we are to see another day.

Well, that's all for now. I'll talk to you guys during the next life update! Enjoy your Sunday and Labor day!

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