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Staying Germ Free With Dessert Essence.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Dessert Essence.)

This is the way we clean our hands, clean our hands, clean our hands, this is the way we clean our hands all throughout the day. Ha! Huge shout out to my 3-year-old whos currently sitting across from me listening to "This Is The Way We Wash Our Hands". Hearing her listening to that got me thinking about another way we keep our hands clean with Dessert Essence hand sanitizers. 

The first time I heard of Dessert Essence hand sanitizer I was really intrigued. Being a busy mom of two and always on the go running errands I never really realized how many germs I come in contact with on a daily basis. Once I started thinking about this I thought "what do I have to protect myself?" Typically I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer spray in my diaper bag. But it is a special type created for little ones I use for the girls. To be honest I don't have anything in my diaper bag to protect myself from germs. So how can I protect my kids if I'm not protecting myself right? It may have been the mom in me overthinking, but one thing was for sure I knew I had to find a product for myself and not just for on the go but also at home.  

When I received my box from Dessert Essence I was one happy mama. I opened the package to find not only hand sanitizer but also two neat bags for storage as well. One for everyday use and another smaller make up bag. I also received a mini sanitizer holder. Inside the box, I received six bottles of hand sanitizer. Three mini bottles for on the go that were 0.8ozs and three big bottles for my home that were 1.7ozs. The big bottles were a smaller version of the little bottles and included lavender, tea tree oil and lemongrass my favorite. Each bottle was unique and got the job done. I felt clean and relived after using them at home. I felt even cleaner when I was out using them on the go. This brand really believes in the products they make and put a lot of care into each bottle. I would definitely recommend them. 

Right now Dessert Essence is hosting a fun contest on Instagram. When you upload a photo using one of their products and also tagging @dessert_essence, #dessertessence and #DEprobioticpower you will be automatically be entered to be one of two winners to receive a $100 gift basket filled with Dessert Essence goodies. Don't have any Dessert Essence products and still want to participate? Don't worry because you can use the code DEprobioticpower for a 30% off discount on their site! 

To find out more about Dessert Essence and all their products click here

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