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Building A Shared Bedroom That Siblings Will Adore.

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Hey guys! So, the other day while attempting to keep on top of the housework, I found myself praying for a bigger property. And I know we’re not alone in having to make do with a slightly more restrictive space than we’d ideally like.
The battle for space can manifest in many ways, but creating a shared bedroom that both siblings will enjoy is one of the toughest. However, it’s not impossible. You simply need a winning planning of action. Here are my top five tips for success.

1| Prioritize The Beds

First and foremost, the bedroom is a place to sleep. Both siblings need to feel safe and comfortable, but you don’t want the beds to take up the entire room. Stylish bunk beds that utilize space in an effective manner, potentially with hidden storage, are ideal. The fun and ultra-cool bedding marries the ideas of personalized space and a joint product. Given that this is the general feeling that you are trying to achieve, this step will set a winning foundation to build upon.

2|| Encourage Some Individual Ownership

While sharing is essential for siblings in a joint bedroom, they need their own items too. A custom toy box that is personalized with the child’s name is a good starting point. Having toys (particularly gadgets) that belong to a specific child is a smart move too. That’s not to suggest that siblings can’t let their brother or sister play with those items too. However, when arguments start, the owner of the toy in question will have priority. Meanwhile, each child can have a designated part of the wall space for stickers and posters. Color coding is equally effective.

4| Encourage Joint Play

Individual play is vital while the use of age-appropriate toys and activities will be necessary too. Still, joint play in the bedroom is an ideal way to keep both kids happy. Games consoles with multiplayer games are a good idea while board games and crafts that can be completed together are ideal too. The idea of combining their items can extend to wardrobes and drawers. However, you may want to compartmentalize the internal spaces. 

4| Utilize Other Parts Of The Home

There are times where siblings will need to be separated. This could be due to fighting or because one child needs to complete homework. Therefore, ensuring that the other parts of the home are clean and can be used for play or work is essential. Dedicating a small section of the office for homework or transforming the conservatory into a play area can make all the difference. Aside from allowing each child to spend some time in the bedroom alone or with their own friends, this is a great way to prevent bedroom overcrowding. 

5| Opt For Ageless Styles

Finding an age-appropriate design that satisfies both children is hard. Moreover, the fact that kids grow up at a rapid rate adds an additional pressure. Opting for clean designs and vintage furniture is ideal. You can always use accessories like kids table lamps (as well as their drawings and posters) to add a little personality. Update those smaller features as the kids get older for a cost-effective way to evolve the room in style.

Even if the space is limited, combining elements of individualism and unity through smarter purchases is the key to success.

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