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DIY Present Costume.

Happy Fall Y’all! It’s Spooky Season and this family is super excited about it! I’m Sharnique from ThatDopeMomBlog. 

When your birthday and Halloween fall in the same month what better costume than a present? This little cutie will be turning 5 on the 5th of October so I thought it would be fun to create a DIY costume in celebration.

This costume was not only fun to make, unique, and downright adorable but affordable! While this time of year is my favorite it can also be really stressful for some. Prepping for the holidays and interacting with all the fun activities that come along with those holidays can get pretty expensive. Well, you guys are in luck this costume only cost four dollars!

A quick trip to our local Dollar Tree and I got everything I needed. Supply list below

  1. The largest gift bag you can find
  2. Tissue Paper
  3. Ribbon
  4. Headband

First I held the bag up in front of my child to make sure it was big enough lol. Then I cut off the bottom right on the crease line.

Next, I cut two pieces of ribbon. It doesn’t have to be an exact measurement. These will be used as shoulder straps to hold up the bag so just put the ribbon over your kid's shoulder to see how long it needs to be to fir your child. Once the ribbon straps were cut I hot glued them to the inside of the bag in the front and back. 

With the straps in place, I let her pick two pieces of tissue paper out the bunch and hot glued them on the inside of the bag in the front. Make sure you don’t have too much tissue paper sticking out you don't want it to cover your child's face. The tissue paper was actually in the way of my daughter's face but it was an easy fix I just scrunched it down some which made the look come together even more.

To top it off I took another piece of tissue paper tied it around a headband with a black rubberband and scrunched that a little as well. You can also hot glue the tissue paper on the headband, tie it in a bow or whatever works better for you. This was just the easiest option for the type of headband we had. 

Like I mentioned earlier this birthday gift costume was super fun to make. It looks super adorable and it is AFFORDABLE! So here is to having fun and making memories no matter the budget! Happy Halloween Y’all! 

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