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DIY Taco Costume.

Hi friends!
Happy friday we are almost to the end of our DIY costume series! This was so much fun I am sad to see it go. But hold on just a second it's not over yet. We still have two weeks left and two costumes. In today's blog post I bring you a super simple, super quick and may I add super yummy DIY taco costume.

The other day on Instagram I was scrolling through and I stumbled upon a mama's page who happened to have her own DIY costumes. She had made her little ones into adorable tacos made out of a cardboard box. I thought it was one of the cutest things ever. There was so much more I wanted to do to this costume but unfortuntly I was limited on supplies and sick that day. So I did what I could and made do with what I had.  So let's taco bout' it.

For this cute little taco costume, you will only need a few supplies.

-Cardboard box.
-Colored construction paper.

So first what you do is you take the cardboard box and cut the top two edges into an oval like shape. Next you wanna cut off all the excess pieces. It's sort of hard to explain but if you check out the photos in this blog you will see exactly where to cut the excess pieces. Basically, you're cutting off the top and bottom pieces. Next depending on how big or small your box is on your little one you may need to cut the back to adjust the size. This box was huge on Ivy. So I cut the box down the middle and tapped it so it would be smaller for her and easier for her to move around in. Next, I cut one circle on each side for her arms. Then once everything was fitted and cut I glued cut up pieces of construction paper to the inside and outside of the box for the taco toppings. In less than 10 minutes I was done and oddly hungry for tacos. 

Ivy thought this costume was so fun and funny. If you happen to try out this delicious costume let me know. I'd love to see it. See you guys next week for our last DIY costume. :)

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