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How To Keep Your Children Safe On The Internet.

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We are now parenting the first generation to grow up with the internet at their fingertips. For many of us parents this can be a challenging time as we try to navigate around it with little experience ourselves, as we did not grow up with this level of access to the online world. Many of us did not have phones with internet access as children and we did not have the likes of  Instagram and Snapchat to deal with. Whilst there can be no doubt that growing up with the internet can be beneficial for our children, it does come with some hazards so today we want to share with a guide around how to keep your children safe on the internet.
Use parental controls

Wherever you possibly can, use parental controls.

You can use these to monitor internet access, block certain sites and prevent TV viewing. You can opt for them to only have access to YouTube Kids, rather than the full YouTube options which should help to filter out inappropriate material coming up for them. 

Keep an eye on their access

It is worth keeping all tablets and laptops in the main living areas of your home and not allowing them in bedrooms. This ensures that you can keep an eye on anything that your children are looking at on the internet. 

There does come a time when our kids can access the internet without us being around. That time is typically when they get their first phones. Fortunately that is often around the age that they can understand some of the problems with spending time online, so you should be able to have an open chat about them. 

Talk about dishonesty on the internet 

There will always be scammers selling counterfeit baby products or people claiming that you have won millions, they just need your bank details. We know this, but our children might not until we talk to them. Fill them in on how people might behave to trick us and ask them to always tell you before replying or making decisions online. 

Then there is the darker side of the internet, so we do need to talk about grooming and cyberbullying as unfortunately these things do pose risks for our children now. 

It is better for them to know that these things exist, however unpleasant the chats are about them, than to be unaware and get caught out. 

Talk to them about digital footprints

We often dwell on what others can do to our children on the internet that we overlook what our children are doing to their own reputation. That is why it is important to talk to them about their own digital footprint.

The moment that they start blogging, vlogging or uploading to their social media channels they become visible to the world. If they have attached their own name to their channels, then their digital footprint has begun. 

It is important to talk to your child about their digital footprint so that they understand the longer term implications of their actions. This will not always stop them from posting things that you wish they hadn’t, they are teenagers and mistakes will be made, but hopefully it will make them think twice before doing so and could prevent a lot of problems further down the line for them. 

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