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How to Stay Warm this Winter ft. NewAir Ceramic Tower Heater.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from NewAir.)

Hi friends!
I'm not sure about you but I'm cold! I am talking goosebumps, hot cocoa, sweater weather cold. It's so cold outside the outside doesn't even wanna be outside! It seems all the cold weather somehow always seems to find it's a way inside. Insane right? With the season and weather change, we have to find ways to stay warm. So today with the help of my pals over at NewAir we are heating things up and letting you in on how to stay warm this winter with NewAir Ceramic Tower Heater.

Although fall and winter are my favorite seasons I really dislike being cold. But my husband really dislikes how high our bill is from me running our heater all day long. So it was finally time to look into purchasing a small portable heater but from where? So many different heaters on the market I knew I had options. But I also knew there was one brand who immediately came to mind and that was NewAir.

This past summer I had the pleasure of working with NewAir twice. The first time we worked together was actually for a portable fan and this last time we worked together was for an ice maker. Seeing as how I already knew, trusted and loved this brand there was no doubt in my mind that I needed a NewAir portable heater in my life. Friends let me introduce you to the NewAir Portable Ceramic Tower, Quiet, and Compact Heater.

The NewAir Portable Ceramic Tower, Quiet, and Compact Heater is one of a kind. It is specially designed to keep you warm on those cold days. You know the ones I mentioned above. It's the ideal heater for a small room, personal space or cozy little apartment home like ours. Though it is tiny this heater has some mighty big features. 

The heater can warm up to 110 square feet,  It comes equipped with a wide-angle fan so everyone near it is sure to feel that warm air no matter what part of the room they are in. The heater operates on two heating modes where you have the power to adjust the temperature to your liking. For example if you are having a family movie night where everyone needs to be warm but your family decides to go to bed mid-movie and it ends up being just you, you can easily turn the temperature down to fit your needs with the press of a button. Enjoy your movie and your heat win-win right? But the coolest part is while the heater is on the fan is so quiet distributing heat you won't be disturbed by it not one bit because you won't even hear it. I mean I'm pretty sure we can call that a win-win-win. If you haven't realized it by now the heater is a tower that has some awesome built-in safety features. One of them being tip-over protection for the tower. This meaning the heater is built to not lean or tip. But if accidentally knocked over to the floor the heaters kill switch will automatically turn it off. Another awesome safety feature? It also is built with a cool-touch exterior which is very important to me.  Being that I am the mom of two curious toddlers I don't have to stress about them burning themselves if they happen to get to close. Another thing I don't have to worry about? Overheating, because there is an auto shut off system that prevents it from getting too hot. I like to call it the lifesaver system. Lastly, the heater is very compact so when storing away it won't take up a lot of space. Did I mention it's also lightweight and easy to carry? 

Friends keeping warm in the winter can be hard but it really doesn't have to be with the NewAir Ceramic Tower Heater. If you like what you see and read here then you're in luck because I have a coupon code for you. Right now you can use the code 20porshacarr for 20% off yours! 
I'm not sure about you but now I'm warm! :)

Check out the NewAir Ceramic Tower Heater here. 
Thank you so much NewAir for my new heater and for keeping me warm!

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