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Ivy & Aria's room & bathroom tour.

Hi friends!
As promised today I am bringing you probably the most anticipated room in our new place, the girls room. So many moms have asked me "is there a theme" "do they share a bed?" "what does it look like?" Well, today I am giving you a small tour not only of their room but their bathroom as well. Enjoy!

 For the kid's room from the start, I knew the first thing was first. I wanted it to actually be a freaking kid's room! Online daily I see so many little girl rooms with grandma wallpaper, old-time looking beds, and very minimal colors, characters or anything that would give you the idea that a child lived in there.  These rooms look more like they were done for the mom and not the child. If you are into that I am not knocking you whatsoever but growing up I loved my room. It was actually Tweety Bird themed, and I had my own desk and a shelf full of random toys, posters everywhere it was so much fun just being a kid in my room. I loved that feeling and I wanted my kids to feel the same. So together we decided on a Minnie Mouse themed room for them. Because number 1 they love her, number 2, it's really easy to find Minnie Mouse decor and number 3, it's actually a kid theme.

When we moved in their room was actually the very last room to be done. Not sure why it took so long, but it was worth the wait seeing the expressions on the girl's faces when the saw their new room for the first time.

The girl's beds came from Ikea, and they actually chose these beds themselves. My husband put them together and though they took up more space than I initially planned for and it's annoying how I hit my head on it every time I go to tuck them in at night they are great beds. The tents and pouch accessories were made for the beds but sold separately for a few bucks. Their dresser drawer also came from Ikea as well. Their amazingly furry runner came from Momeni rugs. I love this rug so much I almost kept it for my room. The girls have a sturdy book self from Delta Children which holds a ton of their favorite bedtime stories. For storage I went with behind the door shoe rack I found on Amazon and their school clothes bins I found on Amazon as well. Those come in handy a ton because I can set their clothes out for the entire school week. The girls have a few novtaily items on their wall I got from Target and Hobby Lobby. Decorative stickers on the wall from Urban Decals and Amazon and lastly my favorite part of their room the art corner. Their art table comes from Dorel living (read the blog here) and the art storage accessories come from Ikea.  I forgot to mention the sticker between the girl's bed was designed by an Etsy shop.

For the girl's bathroom, I went with a flamingo theme honestly on a whim because we were at Target one day and spotted their cute flamingo bath items and just said what the hell. So besides the stickers and the bath toy storage bin that is from Amazon. Plus the headband/bow holder from Marshalls every single thing in the bathroom is from Target. Very convenient. 

Well, friends that is the girl's bedroom and bathroom tour. Hope you enjoyed it. Now tell me does your child's room have a theme? 

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