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Ivy's first feild trip to the pumpkin patch.

Hi friends!
Happy Wednesday! Guess what? Ivy went on her first field trip last week! Insert sobbing mommy tears here. Yep, she's growing up. Being that it was her first field trip of course I wasn't going to miss a thing. So as you can imagine I was right there with Aria in tote and a camera in hand. Today I'm filling you in and sharing a bunch of cute orange photos with you too.

 So a few weeks ago when I found out that Ivy was going on her first field trip and I was immediately so excited. Where? to the pumpkin patch, I still remember my first field trip when I was in kindergarten, it to was to the pumpkin patch. I remember my mom tagging along with me, taking photos of me and my friends I still have some of those photos to this day. This would be a day she would remember for sure. 

On the morning of her field trip, we had doughnuts for breakfast and arrived right on time right before they started loading up the buses. Yeah.. maybe the pit stop for doughnuts wasn't the best idea seeing as how I made us late. Though I don't think my kid's mind. Originally Aria and I were going to drive and follow behind the bus, but there ended up being so much extra space on the bus all the parents and siblings were allowed to ride. Even Ivy's grandma (Tasha aka Nani) rode with us too. The ride was short and sweet next thing you know we were at the pumpkin patch.

All of the kids were ecstatic, we all stayed in a group well, for the most part, I'll tell you more about that later. First, we headed to the hayride were we had to wait in line for our turn. During that time the littles were allowed to run and jump on stacks of hay. Once our ride came around the kids were allowed to bring one pumpkin back with them. Tasha and I helped them choose a pumpkin, put their names at the bottom and it was back to the patch we went. Back at the patch one Ivy's classmates parents were generous enough to use his pick up truck to haul all the pumpkins back to school. Which was such a nice gesture. Once the pumpkin was safely stowed the kids got to jump on a trampoline. This was my girl's favorite part! They had so much fun and I got a ton of great photos. Remember earlier when I said we stayed together for the most part? Well after the trampoline most of the kids went off for a rest. Not the four of us! We went off to the seedbox I guess you'd call it. A bunch of corn seeds the girls rolled around in and played with. Well, at least I think it was corn seeds. Either way, they had a blast. The girls had snuck off before this too with their Nani to do a maze and climb a bale of hay while I had

waited in line for the trampoline. After the seedbox it was lunchtime, and then time to head back to school.

Ivy's first field trip and coincidentally Aria's too was a success! I am so glad I got to be there to experience it with them. Here's to many more fun feild trips to come. Happy Halloween friends.

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