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Mom Hack: How I'm teaching my toddlers to write their name.

Hi friends!
As you know I am a mom of two wonderful toddlers Ivy is 5 and Aria is 3. While being a mom of toddlers is fun and rewarding it can also be very challenging as well. Especially when it comes to learning. While both of my kids love asking questions and learning new things it can be hard for them to get the hang of it the first try.

Therefore making them discouraged and not want to learn new things sometimes. That's where the challenge then comes in for me. "How can I get them excited about learning new things?" "How can I make learning fun again?" Well, there's no right or wrong answer, to be honest. I've learned that in order to get them excited and having fun with learning again is to simply create new ways for them to learn things. So today I'm showing you guys how I am teaching Ivy and Aria to write their name and have fun in the process.

While in her second year of pre-k Ivy slowly learned how to write her name. Being the little sister that she is Aria was then interested in learning to write hers too. So I got an idea. I headed to my local Walmart to grab some material to teach my toddlers how to write their names. Heres what you'll need:

-Printer paper
-Clear binder inserts
-Dry erase marker

The entire project will cost you around $10 or less. So what I did was I went home and found a website that allowed me to print customized name tracing worksheets. You can find the website here. I created a few sheets for the girls. One with their first names and one with their first and last names. I also created a customized name cover for their binders. I printed them out and inserted them into the clear binder inserts. I then placed the name tracing ones inside the binder. I presented the girls with their name covers and let em color them however they wanted. I then inserted those and instructed the girls on how they could trace the letters of their names and then use either the wipe or eraser to erase it and redo it again. (FYI it's been a few months now and I would not recommend the wipes. They take to long to dry on the insert and causes the markers to become moist. We now use a napkin or eraser.) The girls absolutely loved this idea. Not only were they learning to write their names but also in control of erasing the work and redoing it. The girls now practice this a few times a week and now in pre-k and kindergarten they are almost pros.

Let me know if you try this project and if your little ones love it too!

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