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Mom Hack: How to keep your floors clean with Bona Quick Clean System.

(This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.)

Hi friends!
What are you up to? get any cleaning done today? If the answer is no, then how come? If the answer is yes, then right on! I know as a mom getting cleaning done sometimes can seem impossible. There's so much to be done with the kids. Plus at the end of the day who wants to worry about cleaning right? Though on the other hand who doesn't love the feeling of a clean home? Ah, it's a catch twenty-two. But don't worry because boy do I have a mom hack for you today. The Bona Quick Clean System

Back in July, we moved into our new apartment and we were ecstatic to find our floors were laminated wood. Every other home we ever had including our previous never had floors like them. We always had carpet or tile. Having laminated wood was exciting or so we thought. As time passed we started realizing that keeping these types of floors clean was not an easy task. With us in and out all day and the kids running around, Ivy's soccer shoes scuffing up the floor, it just felt as if it were always something going on with the floors. I knew it was time to find a solution to the problem so I started doing some research and came across Bona Quick Clean System.

Bona Quick Clean System is a premium mop that is unlike any other. With many choices on the market for mops I knew I wanted to go with this one because from the packaging to the detailed specifics it grabbed my attention. When I got the mop home I unboxed it and didn't even need any directions on how to put it together. In just two easy snaps and locks there it was! The mop that would solve all of our crazy floor problems.

The Bona Quick Clean System is first off a microfiber mop. It not only can be used with wet cleaning pads and also dusting pads but it also decreases your cleaning time, unlike a regular mop. The mop is created with flexible corners so when in use can really fit into all of the corners of the floors or in my case the kitchen. The extra-large head of the mop makes it extremely easy to control and cover more space as you clean. It's so simple to use Ivy and Aria even ask to get in on the fun while mommy is cleaning. Oh, and can you believe my husband even uses it too. He calls it his dad solution to cleaning. The whole family loves it. But what's moms favorite part? well let's see how about the fact that its streak and residue-free. Yes! nothing left behind and leaves my floors looking amazing. Plus I also love that I can dust with it too. Speaking of which did I mention that the dusting pads are 3D fibers and wet pads are actually infused with Bona's water-based cleaning solutions? Don't even get me started on the locking strips for the both of them. Amazing! easy stick and disposable. To top it all off the Bona Quick Clean System is also fast drying. Talk about getting clean right?

The Bona Quick Clean System is really one of the biggest mom hacks ever so you're welcome in advance. Mom's go grab your Bona, grab the family, turn on some music and get to cleaning.

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