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My Kaia Goodbye.

Hi friends
So as you all know a few months ago I was training with a local gym by the name of Kaia Fit. During those few months I was with Kaia I learned a few life long lessons that I will always take with me no matter if my journey is fitness or just life in general. It was a great time. Also, I never got the chance to properly thank or say goodbye to my Kaia family so today I will do so.
 I trained at Kaia for about 4-5 months earlier this year. My goal? to lose weight! My gain? a healthier and better me. Did I achieve them both? I did! Not only did I do so but I also meet some pretty badass women along the way, learned how to push myself to the limit and then some. So what were those life long lessons Kai Fit taught me?

1. Never Quit: There were so many days I did not want to get up early to exercise, so many days where I did go to the gym and was just was too tired to give it all my all. But what did Kaia teach me? Kaia taught me no matter how tired I am or how much I don't want to give it my all to NEVER QUIT. Kaia taught me perseverance, strengthen, and to believe in myself.

2. Be A Butterfly: Before Kaia, I was always this little caterpillar wrapped up in its cocoon. Kaia taught me that coming out of my shell opening up and being a butterfly can be beautiful, making new friends can be healthy and learning to fly can be the experience of a lifetime. 

3. How To Be A Kaia Girl: Being a Kaia girl isnt just about wearing pink and exercising. Ha, oh no. Being a Kaia girl is about Being the best you that you can be inside and out. Loving yourself, nourishing yourself and building your true foundation rather you are 18 or 86! 

I just wanted to say thank you to the entire Kaia Fit Team In Natomas, CA for welcoming me and having me. I also wanted to say thank you to all the new girlfriends I made and the wonderful coaches. Thank you for being a rock for me and most importantly thank you to Amy and Leslie for giving me a chance to be a Kaia Girl. You two ladies are a light with a heart of gold. Thank you. 

Until next time Kaia! :)

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