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Speech Therapy At Home For Kids With Speech Blubs.

(This post is sponsored by Speech Blubs but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.)

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What memories do you have from learning as a small child? For me, I remember being a little one hmm, probably in the 3rd grade and I was taken out of my regular everyday class to the library with some other kids. Once a week we would practice talking, spelling, letters and playing games. I didn't realize it then but I was in a speech class.  Looking back now the class helped me so much with who I grew up to be and the way I speak. Most parents have no idea but "1 in 4 kids needs help with speech and language." Although I am forever grateful for the speech class I took in school years ago it would have definitely been way more fun to have an app like Speech Bulbs. 

Speech Bulbs is a hands-on interactive speech therapy app created by four pals who also experience speech problems growing up. When I first learned of Speech Bulbs before my girls even used it for a moment I was back in 3rd grade again not knowing how to articulate certain words and sounds. Remembering how difficult it could be. But then browsing through the app and seeing all it had to offer I was immediately impressed by how focused the app was on being there to assist little ones on this difficult journey. With the hopes of helping them find their own voice the app has received a ton of great reviews from many professionals and parents alike including myself here's why.

When first logging onto the Speech Bulbs apps you have the option of creating different users so each child can play activities and pick up where they left off without confusion. I was extremely happy with this because Ivy and Aria are both at different levels in their speech journey so that was just really great. Once the profiles were created I was able to pick and choose different learning categories that might interest the girls. This pretty much acted as a filter so the things that interest them would always be there verse the things that didn't. Once I was done with my part I let the girls explore the app clicking and moving around as they please, you know getting to know the app. They were able to choose from a ton of categories from animals to numbers, sing-alongs, and guessing games. When clicking on a category there was an object such as a box, or number, or animal. Once they clicked on that the object would take them to a different game where they would learn different parts of speech. Without even knowing it my girls were learning to sound out things "c-c-c car" or identifying funny sounds that animals make by recreating what they heard. Ivy loved the Early Sounds category and snap chat like role-playing filters. While Aria had a soft spot for the singalongs and collecting stickers. I am telling you there is so much to do on this app. But I must say my favorite thing about the app is the daily progress reports. You can receive alerts that will allow you to see how much progress your child has made during their time on the app and also how much more smart screen time is needed a day to achieve speech milestones.

This app is truly one of a kind and it allows my girls to get speech therapy from the privacy at home with me and their father. If you have been considering speech therapy for your child I can honestly tell you now congratulations because you've found it.

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