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30 Wishes For 30.

Hi friends!
Today is my birthday, I am 30 years old. 
Technically as I type this I am actually 29 but by the time I publish this and you are reading it, I'll be 30. Wow.. 30. The big 3! 0! I remember when I turned 18 thinking adulthood... "I am finally an adult." cute right? Little did I know at 30 I am nowhere near the adult I thought I would be when I turned 18. Nevertheless, these 30 years have been amazing. Through everything that has happened good or bad in my life, I am thankful I am here. I am happy. 

Today I decided that instead of writing a blog post reflecting on these 30 years I would do something different. Instead, I would write 30 wishes. Wishes! not goals, not a to-do list just wishes. Some realistic, some just because but 30 wishes. Because why not? you only turn 30 once.

1. I wish to become a better person. Physically, mentally, emotionally, just better. 

2. I wish to actually finish at least two of the 6 chapter books I started. 

3. I wish I was a baller.

4. I wish my kids would go one day without snitching on each other. I can dream, right?

5. I wish I could meet Kylie Jenner. 

6. I wish I could be more organized.

7. I wish my neighbors would move away. Or at least be a little quieter.

8. I wish I could take a real vacation. 

9. I wish to always be in a position to help others.

10. I wish I could run another marathon.

11. I wish I wasn't so hard on myself. 

12. I wish I could go to lunch alone.

13. I wish I could buy all the Rae Dunn.

14. I wish I could do more volunteer work. 

15. I  wish I wasn't such a last minute'er. 

16. I wish I could buy my mom her dream car.

17. I wish I could turn my phone/work off for a whole day.

18. I wish I could spend more time at home doing nothing.

19. I wish I could learn Spanish.

20. I wish I could travel more.

21. I wish I could practice drinking more water.

22. I wish I could finally upgrade to my dream camera.

23. I wish to expand my writing. 

24. I wish to go to Disneyland again. 

25. I wish my kids would like to sleep in their own beds. Aw, #momlife.

26. I wish to always remain humble.

27. I wish to go on more dates with my husband.

28. I wish to spend more time with my entire family.

29. I wish to make BIGGER moves. You'll see.

30. I wish my 30's will be better than my 20's.

Tonight when my family sings happy birthday to me and I blow out the candles on my cake it's not clear which wish I will actually wish for. Or even if my wish is on this list.
But one thing is for damn sure. 

30.. I am ready for you girlfriend! Let's do this.

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