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5 Tips To Get Through A Rough Patch In Your Marriage.

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It’s normal to go through a rough patch in any relationship. When you’re spending so much time with one person, of course, you see all their good qualities as well as their not so good ones. The majority of relationships aren’t straightforward; they need work and a whole lot of TLC. For anyone having a bit of a rough patch right now, these five tips might come in handy. 

1 . Write down the good 

When you’re having a rough time, it’s easy to focus on the negatives. If we have a problem, we tend to ruminate on that problem. Anything good falls into the background, and we keep revisiting the negatives; only to feel worse. Depending on the severity of the situation, seeing the good may be easier said than done. If it’s viable for you personally, take some quiet time, sit alone and write down the things you like and love about your partner. Focus on the positives that they have brought to your life. Such a practice can help you to find the light at the end of the tunnel if this is what you want. 

2. Spend quality time 

During a hard time, many people find that they want distance away from their partner. Now, this may work for some people, but for others, time apart only causes the distance and the tension to grow. We all love spending time with our kids, yet sometimes we just need that alone time with our partner to nurture the romantic side of the relationship. Try to set aside some time to spend some quality time with your partner

3. Try marriage counseling 

When you’re marriage is experiencing a setback or two, couples counseling can be a great idea. It’s often useful to have an unbiased other party to discuss the situation with. An outsider perspective can often ask all the right questions and shed new light on old problems. Marriage counsellors have the professional training to offer expert advice and may help you to communicate issues to your partner, which you have not been able to say so far. 

4. Be realistic 

Now, of course, there are some situations whereby we have every right to be hurt, angry and emotionally distressed. Yet, when smaller problems occur and escalate, it’s helpful to remain realistic. During tough times, remember that we are all only human. No one is perfect, and if you put unrealistic expectations on your partner, you’re only going to be disappointed in the long run. Allow for those days where they will irritate you, allow for those reflections and doubts. Remind yourself that relationships aren’t always easy. 

5. Practice forgiveness 

Many of us are guilty of having an argument and then bringing up every other thing that the person has ever done wrong! While anger often takes hold, it’s never helpful to dwell on the past. If you are unable to forgive your partner for a traumatic event that occurred, you may come to a point where you feel that separation is your only option. If this does happen, visit browndahan.com for some expert family law services. However, if your goal is to continue with the relationship, the first step is to put those problems behind you and attempt to start afresh. 

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