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Fall mommy & me photos (by Rachel Sima Castro).

Hi friends!
Happy Monday and happy November!
November is one of my favorite months for many reasons, the leaves on the ground are that beautiful orange color, my birthday is right in the middle of the month and we can't forget Thanksgiving of course. But this year I have added another reason why I love November to my list. What's that reason? Well, the fact that I can finally share these amazing fall photos my girls and I took shot by the amazing Rachel Sima Castro.
"I contend a family portrait can be an opportunity to (literally) frame a positive, production family story in the center of our home."
-Rachel Sima Castro

Rachel Sima Castro is a Sacramento based photographer a grown-up girly girl with a feminist soul as she calls it. Rachel is one of the greatest photographers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I first learned about Rachel one day when I was on Instagram. I had randomly come across some family photos she had previously taken and I was immediately smitten. Rachel's photos seemed to jump off the screen of my phone and speak to me. I almost felt as if I too were right there apart of her photoshoot. I waisted no time reaching out to Rachel, I had to work with her. I waited for her response with my fingers and toes crossed and just my luck Rachel wanted to work with me too. We spoke about how I wanted the photos to feel as far as what theme and occasion we were going for. I explained to Rachel I wanted mommy and me photos for the fall season. Rachel gave me tips on what to wear for myself and the girls and a place to meet up. Once we agreed upon a date and time the big day was here and my girls and I were so excited.

That evening my girls and I met Rachel in Old Sacramento, to my surprise we were actually both about 20 minutes early which was great because working with kids the sooner you can get photos done sometime the better. We retreated to a spot near the water where the sun seem to kiss our skin so perfectly. Though a little windy the breeze made the photos even better because it gave us all the fall feels. Rachel gave us very minimal instructions which I liked because it allowed us to feel very free doing our own natural thing like telling secrets and laughing at jokes. It made for so many priceless candid shots. Those are my favorite. Another thing Rachel actually did was shoot our photos on film. I have worked with many photographers over the years and I had never been shot on film before. The thought of having my photos come to life in a dark room excited me so much. But my most favorite thing about Rachel was that she was wonderful with my girls. She constantly watched over them as they climbed rocks, complimented them on their beauty and made sure to make them feel comfortable as well.

Rachel did a beautiful job with our entire shoot and I will forever be grateful for these precious moments she captured with my girls and I. Now I am giving you a chance to be shot by Rachel as well. Here's how:

Head over to my Instagram and follow the directions below:

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Rachel, you are a godsend of a photographer. You treat each photo as if it were your baby and you really believe in the work you do. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to work with you and cannot wait until we cross paths and work together again. :)

To find out more about Rachel her photography, how to book her and so forth click here.


  1. Wow these photos are perfect, I love the fact that the photographer uses film photography that's so special and unique. I love film photography, I hope my daughter and I get a chance to be able to have the same experience you and your daughters did

  2. These are beautiful. I’m loving all the fall vibes ��

  3. Love these!! Your girls are so cute!!