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How We Refreshed Our Home This Holiday Season w/ Art To Frames.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 

This is a sponsored post by Art To Frames.)

Hi Friends!
We all know the holidays are coming and what does that mean? Family! lots and lots of family time. Having a new place we will definitely be having our family visit. So we wanted to do something to refresh our home. Granted we just moved in a little under 4 months ago we wanted to add something new and special that's near to our hearts. Something we had been wanting to add to our home now for a while. Our wedding photos. With family visiting for the holidays we figured it would be a perfect time. With Art To Frames help, we did it.

Tell me, friends, what's a day you will always remember like it was yesterday? For me, it was my wedding. The day is forever embedded into my mind so vividly I remember it as if it literally just happened. I remember every detail, every moment, every breath, every feel. It was one of the best days of my entire life. That day I felt like a princess and time seem to stand still. Though the day was two years ago I love looking back on it and thinking bout how special it was. 

It's no secret that my family and I absolutely love Art To Frames, if you have visited our home before or keep up with my blog or Instagram page then you have seen their frames many times. My number one reason for loving Art To Frames is that taking photos has always been a big part of my life. It's allowed me to freeze my most special moments and relive them. With Art To Frames, I have been able to do not only that but to put them in beautiful frames as well. Art To Frames have so many options to choose from and on top of that even allows you to customize your own (learn more about that here). There was no question in my mind framing that day was exactly what our home was missing. There was also no question that we had to get this refresh done before the holiday season. This is my second time being able to customize frames with them and I will tell you I was once again very pleased. 


From the start of this project I knew I wanted the photos to go in our bedroom.  Since they were wedding day photos it felt right. I then started thinking about the color I wanted for the frames. I played around with a bunch of colors and themes from modern to Barnwood, mahogany and everything in between until I finally decided on satin off white frames. I went with off white because it matched everything in our room. I also decided on off white because if we were to one day move the photos out of our room they would still match with any decor we have in another room. Next, I had to decide how many photos I wanted. Well, that was easy because I knew exactly where I wanted to hang the photos on the wall so I knew I wanted 9 of the 8x10 frames. I then finished my frames off with regular glass and sawtooth hangers. They shipped to me lighting fast and with the help of my niece guiding me where to hang them and making sure they were nice and straight we got them on the wall in minutes. When my husband got home from work I surprised him and he loved each frame. 

This holiday season we will have a house full of family, a wall full of photos to show off and a lifetime full of memories. Thank you, Art, to Frames for helping us refresh our room for the holidays.

To learn more about Art To Frames and how to customize your very own frames click here.
Also, be sure to use the code CARR15 for %15 off your order. Happy refreshing!

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