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4 ways to stop your toddlers temper tantrum in target.

Hi guys!
Target! Target! Target! hey, got your attention now uh?
who doesn't love Target? Target is literally the best store ever. It's a moms version of Disney land. I don't know any mom who doesn't love Target. But what is one thing we don't love when shopping at Target? Yep TTTT. what in the world is TTTT? it's the dreaded
Target. Toddler. Temper. Tantrum.
yes, mama, we've all been there enjoying our Target trip when suddenly our toddler wants to get wild and throw a tantrum in the middle of the store. But have no fear! today I am giving you 4 ways to stop those ugly little temper tantrums. 

1. Bring a distraction: Letting your little one watch a cartoon on your phone or their iPad is a perfect way to keep them distracted and keep TTTT’s down.

2. Stay away from “their” aisles: Most little ones are interested in toys right? So when I have my girls and wanna avoid a tantrum I tend to stay far away from the toy aisles as possible. It’s a no brainer.

3. Bring snacks: Not only are they delicious but they stop tantrums in their tracks!

4. Just don’t freaking bring them to Target: Easier said than done in most cases but if they don’t go then they can’t have a tantrum right? 

So next time you littles starting throw a TTTT revert back to this blog and say goodbye tantrums.

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