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8 Tips for hitting the road this holiday season featuring Autotrader.

“This post is sponsored by Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hi Friends!
Hitting the road this holiday season? I know my family and I are. We have a ton of relatives spread out all over the place so of course, we will be doing our fair share of traveling. But holiday travel traveling can be tough. Especially when you throw traveling with little ones into the equation. So today I am teaming up with Autotrader to help make traveling this season way easier. Thank me later, for now, come on I have so much to share with you.

 Autotrader is helping us all take the stress out of traveling this holiday season. Being on a family road trip should be a happy time to bond with your family, not a time to stress. Autotrader knows the importance of that and is here to help. I am happy to say they have trusted me to help you all as well too, by giving you some of my favorite holiday traveling tips. Which we will get into in a little while, but for now let me tell you a little more about Autotrader.

If you are unfamiliar with Autotrader than you should know they are experts. Experts in all things cars. Rather you are looking to buy, sell or trade a car this holiday season they have got you covered! Making online car shopping super easy and convenient. While you are browsing through their huge selection of cars rest assured that you are not only receiving the best price, thanks to the Kelly Blue Book Price Advisor, but also checking out the largest variety of cars. Oh, and remember earlier I mentioned I had some traveling tips for you? Well, Autotrader has helpful articles that include tips for holiday travel you can read up on as well. 

Plus they even sent me this Joy To The Road giftbox. The Joy To The Road gift box has everything you need inside to have fun on the road and create some awesome memories. The box includes coloring books for parents and little ones and of course coloring pencils because how else would you color in your new books? There's also a tumbler to keep those drinks nice and warm, socks to do the same. A first aid kit because emergencies and an Instax mini camera with film to catch all those awesome moments. I was way excited for our box and packed all of the items for our trip out of town. What else did I take with me? Well, these tips for traveling this holiday season.

Tip 1: Check out Autotrader: Making sure you have a car that will get you from point A to point B is crucial. Anytime you plan to head out of town make sure Autotrader is the first thing on your to-do list.

Tip 2: Make a checklist: Checklist are a great way to stay organized. It helps to remember everything you need and make sure nothing gets left behind at home.

Tip 3: Check the weather: always remember to check your weather app because being stuck on the road in bad weather can be not so fun.

Tip 4: Pack snacks: What is a road trip without snacks right? As you drive you are sure to see a ton of tempting restaurants. Having snacks will not only save you money but also save you time by not having to stop.

Tip 5: Pack a potty: Yes, this might make you giggle but traveling with littles can be unpredictable, and sometimes they just can't hold it. No rest stop? No problem, because remember that potty you packed in your trunk?

Tip 6: Dress comfortably: Being on the road can be exhausting. Make sure you dress comfortably rather than dressing to impress. Your family won't care what you wear and your body will thank you for the comfortability.

Tip 7: Bring chargers: Rather you bring along your phone, tablets, laptops or any electronic device to make sure you always bring an extra charger or two. Because if your spouse is like mine he either 1; forgot his charger and 2; now wants to use yours. It's always great to have backups.

Tip 8: Have fun and make memories: Traveling during the holidays can and probably will get crazy. Don't forget to take those crazy moments in and have fun. Take a moment to close your eyes and take it all in. Cherish those memories grab your Instax camera and flick it up!

So, friends, I hope when you hit the road this season you'll take my tips with you. I also hope that you will head to Autotrader for more tips and car buying fun. Stay safe on the road and happy holidays friends!

Thank you so much, Autotrader for my family's box!
To learn more about Autotrader and traveling during the holidays click here.

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