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Getting That Post-Baby Confidence Boost.

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One of the most beautiful things that you could ever do in life is to grow and birth a baby. However you grow it; however, you birth it; it doesn't matter. A baby brings a whole heap of joy into your life, and all you need to do is embrace that little baby and spend all your love on them. As mothers, this is precisely what we do. Every fiber of our being, our hearts, and our souls are poured into loving this perfect, needy little creature. We make them from scratch, and we then build them into little humans who walk and talk.
The one thing that we all forget in that unusual, life-changing process? Oh, us. That’s right. Mothers forget themselves - there’s a reason that Mummy Bear had the cold porridge, and it has nothing to do with preference! Mothers consistently, exhaustingly, annoyingly, put themselves last. And it’s all in the name of looking after those beautiful little babies! So, what can we do to work to get our body confidence back after we give birth? What do we need? How do we get it again? Let’s take a look!

You Need Time. Firstly, you need time more than anything else. To gain back that body confidence, you need to respect that your body has done something genuinely miraculous, and you need to realize that it took nine full months for your hips to soften and widen, your belly to grow, your breasts to change. It took nine months for your pelvic floor to give up the ghost and your skin to change in response to the hormones. It’s only right that you take the pressure off of yourself about “snapping back” and take a minute to enjoy your baby, give your body time to heal. You can learn about rhinoplasty if your nose doesn't go back to its original size (seeing as pregnancy changes that!). You can even relearn a skincare routine for your new skin type. As long as you give yourself that respect and time to do that, you’re golden. The confidence WILL come back with it!

You Need A Stylist. Skin and hair changes during pregnancy can be devastating to a woman who has her routine nailed down. It’s important to remember that your hair stopped growing during pregnancy, so in the few months post-baby, it’ll fall out. It’s not lovely, pulling clumps of hair off your head in the shower. Some days, it feels like it will never stop thinning out, and you’re convinced you’ll be bald. However, don’t panic! Your hair will grow back in again, and it will be thick and lustrous once more. In the meantime, get yourself a fantastic stylist who can style your hair correctly to stop looking thin. You’ll thank yourself, and while you’re looking for someone to help, get a facial with a registered beautician. They can tell you all about your new skin type, and it’ll really help!

You Need A Boudoir Photoshoot. Before you slam down the lid of your laptop or swipe off this page, please hear me out: boudoir photos. These are the photos taken by a professional boudoir photographer who knows about angles, about being sexy, about subtlety, and spelling out a message with just the eyes. It’s about feeling empowered and taking control of your sexuality in a photoshoot. You can feel displaced after you’ve had children; your body changes in ways it can be hard to accept or recognize, and this can be difficult for your confidence. Book in a photoshoot with a legitimate photographer, and you’re going to feel a million dollars by the time you’ve even got your hair and makeup done!

You Need A New Look. With the wonders of pregnancy, your body shape changes. Your hips widen, and your breast shape changes, too! This means that the clothes you always fit into before getting pregnant may no longer fit in the way you’d hope. So, you need to get yourself to the nearest mall and find your favorite clothing brands. Grab the help of a personal shopper, and you’re going to be in a new look where you can rock your newfound curves in no time at all.

Pregnancy may change your look, but it also changes who you are. You need to embrace your post-baby body as much as possible because this is the body that brought you your little piece of immortality. Embrace it, embrace you, and know you rock because of it.

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