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Last Minute Gift Guide For Kids Ages 3 & Up.

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Hi friends!
It's the most wonderful time of the year. As adults this means spending time with family, holiday arts and crafts, getting ready for parties and get-togethers with our friends. It truly is a wonderful time. But for little ones that mean something totally different. For our little ones that means Santa Claus is coming, they are getting ready for that big day. Christmas morning! The only thing they have on their mind are toys. So naturally, we want to get the right ones to make Christmas special for them. In today's blog, I am going to be giving you the ultimate gift guide for your little one's boys and girls ages 3 and up. Because the right toy can make all the difference.

So a gift guide is always such a huge help these days because life gets so busy and it's hard to keep up what is it, what's the hottest new toys and all that good stuff. So I have turned out with my friends over at just play to bring you some of the hottest toys this season for your little ones let's jump right into it.

Ryan's World Ultimate Red Titan Interactive Figure:

This little 13.25-inch titan is ready to make its way right under your Christmas tree. The superhero-inspired by Ryans Toy review has all types of features. He lights up, has a ton of catchphrases and is the ultimate sidekick. He also includes accessors like a mini Ryan doll. This one is for my godson he is going to love it.
Retails $34.99
Ages 3+

Ryan's World Smashin' Surprise Safes - Five Safes:

These little safes come 5 in a package along with a mini sledgehammer to smashin em open and collect some fun surprises from Ryan! There are over 30 different surprises like tattoo stickers, slime, light-up rings and more! The girls are going to be so excited about these smashers. Already wrapped em and put them under the tree! 
Retails $12.99
Ages 3+

Disney Minnie Mouse Dance With Me Pony Plush:

Who doesn't love a mini mouse? Who doesn't love Minnie Mouse? She's cute, stylish and she has a unicorn. Little ones who are familiar with the Disney Junior will recognize some things about Minnie like her rainbow bow and the song she sings from the show "Giddy Up Penelope". Both Minni and Penelope dance alongside each other making for one fun dance party. I can't wait to see Aria's face when she opens this. 
Retail $39.99
Ages 3+

Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Collection:
This set from the popular show TV show DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free on Netflix is any animal lovers' dream. The set includes 10 miniature horses inspired by the show. Each one is 2" tall and great for both playing with and collecting. 
Retails $34.99
Ages 3+

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock:

This 42 piece set is yet another awesome one on our list from DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free set includes an entire barn along with stickers to decorate so your little one can make it their own. There's also fun pieces like a paddock, washing set and of course the adorable horses. Ivy is going to be over the moon.
Retails $29.99
Ages 3+

Playhut Pinkfong Baby Shark Classic Cube Pop-Up Play Tent

We don't have to discuss baby shark we all know what it is and how it goes. This baby shark tent will be your baby shark's favorite new toy. The pop up play tent features colorful characters from baby shark such as daddy shark and mommy too. The tent is super cool because it can easily be separated into 3 different structures like a tunnel. Crawling through a tunnel has never been so much fun. 
Retails $34.99
Ages 3 +

Disneys Frozen 2 Snow Globe Suprise:
Lastly, If you have a little one who likes DIY projects and frozen then this is the best toy. Disneys Frozen 2 Snow Globe surprises are like magic. It's simple all you do is add water, shake and watch all the Frozen magic come alive!  
Retails $4.99 
Ages 4+

So these toys will definitely be under my tree for the special little ones in my life and hopefully, they will be under your too. A huge thank you to our friends over at Just Play, Funrise, and BasicFun for all the toys you guys are amazing companies and you rock. 

Friends, happy holidays and happy shopping!

To find out more about these companies and all the toys you see here plus many other toys they offer see their sites below.

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