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Protecting my family & home with Wyze.

"This post is sponsored by; Wyze however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

Hi friends!
Have you ever done something so ridiculous that you had to laugh at yourself? Well, I did recently and even though it's quite embarrassing I'm going to tell you anyway. 

About a month and a half ago we came from a family outing and our door was unlocked. I completely freaked out. I told my husband to check the whole apartment, I grabbed a knife I didn't know who was in the apartment or what was going on I was so nervous. Well, long story short it turns out that I had accidentally left our door unlocked. Pretty embarrassing and pretty ridiculous right? But wait there's more...

 Later on that night I got to thinking well what if we did have an intruder? How can I protect my family? So I started looking into security cameras online. There are so many options for security cameras, that all do different things there's a bunch to choose from. But one brand stood out to me the most and that was the Wyze camera. 

So I started to look into the Wyze Cam Pam 1080p camera a bit more. I wanted to know all about it. I read a ton of reviews, I watched a ton of videos, I familiarized myself with every aspect of the camera from top to bottom and I knew this was a camera for my family I ordered it and before I knew it, it was at our doorstep. 

The Wyze security camera is the definition of small but mighty. This little 8.8 oz camera can do so much it's pretty impressive. The 2.4 x 2.4 x 5 inches Wyze Cam Pam camera a high-quality indoor security camera that works off your home's wifi. This easy to use camera allows you to be home 24/7 even when you're not physically there. The live stream is in full 1080p HD allowing that nice, clear vision of your home day or night. Yep, I said night, the camera has night vision that uses 6 infrared (IR) LEDs so you can still see everything even on the darkest nights. It can provide a clear image up to 30 feet away! Insane right? The Wyze Cam Pam can rotate by itself giving you a 360-degree look of an entire room in under 3 seconds. Now that is one fast camera. It comes with PTZ aka pan, tilt and zoom options. With pan, you have the ability to pan the room your camera is in with up to 4 custom waypoints. With tilt, you can tilt the camera at the angle of your choice to see what is going on above or below. Lastly, with zoom you can zoom in on any action that is happening to get a closer look. I'd say personally I am totally loving the tilt option the most because it allows me to follow an object moving wherever they go. Another thing I love about this camera is the 2-way audio. This allows you to actually speak into the camera at someone and they can speak back to you as well. The microphone is great because it's able to minimize the extra motor sounds too. This comes in handy when my phone is dead because my husband is usually close to the camera. So if I have something important to tell him I just contact him through the camera. I know it's super cool uh?. Wanna know something even cooler? The Wyze Cam Pam also can be paired with your homes Alexa or Google Assistant too. "Hey google show me the kitchen. Hey, Alexa show me the living room."  It's that easy. The camera also comes with a slot for a micro sd card (sold separately). Later on when all is said and done, you can log into your app to playback event videos throughout the day (which by the way you can download to share with family or friends), discover new Wyze tips from Wyze users just like you and even shop different Wyze products as well. This camera is a Genius.

Affordable, quality, design, and safety what more could you want in a security camera? Since we got our Wyze camera I have felt safer in our home both when I am there and when I am away. Oh yeah did I mention I am giving away not one but two Wyze cameras? This one and this one. Check it out below and head to my Instagram to enter!

You can see if they are sleeping. You can know if they're awake. You can know who has been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! it's a...
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Thank you so much to Wyze for sponsoring this post! If you wanna learn more about Wyze and all products click here

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