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The Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day With the Family.

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t’s easy to find entertaining things to do as a family during spring and summer when the weather is oh so fine, and there seems to be an endless array of fun activities and events to do outside of the home. But when the weather is cold, rainy, and perhaps snowy, things become a little more difficult. Then, you’re not able to head out for a day of fun, at least not without a lot of waterproof and warm clothing, and inevitably end up spending more time than usual inside the home. But being indoors can also be highly entertaining if you know how. Below, we’ll take a look at just some of the best ways to spend a rainy day indoors with your clan.
Movie Days

If you’ve got nowhere to be and nothing to do, then why not engage in a day of movies, curled up on the couch? We usually think of movies as an evening experience, but if you’re forced indoors, then nothing is stopping you from enjoying them during the day, too. Take a look at the best family movies, and pick two or three. You’ll want to set the scene, too -- that means comfortable clothing, plenty of blankets, and popcorn and other snacks.

Cooking Up a Storm

Is there anything better than enjoying freshly baked treats when the weather is less than agreeable? Not in our book. Getting into the kitchen doesn’t just give you delicious snacks to enjoy, but it can also warm your home and make it smell awesome too. Cookies and muffins are the go-to options, but there are other fun things you can make, too. Learn how to make edible slime, and you can make something that is super fun for the children, and you also won’t have to worry about your kids sticking it in their mouths. Indeed, that’s the whole point!

Arts and Crafts

Away from the kitchen, you can also put your skills to the test -- and develop your child’s talents too -- by engaging in a spot of arts and crafts. You’ll want to get all the essential supplies, such as scissors, paper, glue, and glitter, among others, and get to work. It’s less about what you ultimately end up creating, more about the process. But who knows, you might just make something that has pride of place on your fridge for many years to come. Take a look at some of the best arts and crafts activities to do in the home, and get started. 

Putting on a Show

Do you have something of a superstar lying deep within you? We all do, somewhere. You can bring out your talents -- and show your children another side of you -- by putting on a show. Of course, this is more about the kids than it is about you, so let them have top billing (even if it pains you to relinquish the limelight). The type of show will be dependent on what you’re all feeling, but it could involve a karaoke session, or, even better, putting on a play. You’ll get dressed up, be creative, and end up having a day that’s filled with laughter and good times. Perfect!

Board Game Fun

We’re all so used to spending time on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops that we forget that there are non-electronic ways to have fun, too. Let’s not forget that families have been having fun together long before the invention of the internet! Fill your home with those classic family board games, and you’ll have endless hours of entertainment just waiting to be enjoyed. You’ll want to pick something that’s appropriate for the age group of your kids, and also keep the competitiveness to a minimum -- there’s nothing worse than a fun family day descending into tears and tantrums.

Out to the Museum

So far, we’ve outlined a bunch of activities that you can do in the home. But it’s worth remembering that rain, even heavy rain, doesn’t have to keep you trapped indoors all day. Indeed, you can use the weather as an opportunity to do something a little different. You won’t be spending the day at the park, but what about visiting a museum? Wherever you’re based, there’ll be at least one museum that’s suitable for kids. You’ll be out of the house, and the kids will have fun while learning. After you’ve learned all there is to learn, you can return home, get out of your damp clothes, and curl up with a cup of hot cocoa. 

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