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The girl's 8 month swim update with (Steve Wallen Swim School.)

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Hi friends! 
8 months!!!!! Can you believe the girls have been in swim lessons for 8 months now? Where does the time go? The girls started lessons with Steve Wallen Swim School back in spring. Now that we are almost done it's time for our final update (read the last update here).

 These days it is definitely recommended that kids continue with swimming lessons in the fall and winter. It keeps all the skills they learned fresh in their minds and it also keeps them busy with an indoor activity when it's rainy and yucky out there. So let's swim into this update:

Can they swim?: Yes.

Do they use floaties?: Not in class, unless needed.

Do they enjoy school?: Very much. We actually recently took a break from dance after years. But they did not want to take a break from swim. 

How often do they practice?: Once a week at school, ever so often at home.

What have they learned so far?: They are actually currently working on back floats. They both have a hard time sometimes trusting the water under them. So they have been working on them weekly.

How long will they continue to take lessons?: Unfortunately, their last season will be coming up very soon and while we are sad we are also so excited about what the future holds for these little swimmers.

So, friends, There you go, my final update on my little swimmers. As I said before I am really excited for them as they continue to retain and learn more as swimmers for now and many years to come.  Steve Wallen Swim School has been nothing but amazing and I am so proud to say my girls got to attend there. A huge thank you to Kaleb, his father, the teachers, the entire staff everyone at Wallen who made our time there wonderful and made us feel like family. You guys have given my girls more than just swim lessons. You all have given my girls the ability to save their own lives in the water. That means more to me than you'll ever know. Thank you so much. Honestly with everything in me from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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