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Tis The Season For Dearfoams Slippers.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Dearfoams.)

Hi Friends!
Is it just me or do you love matching with your family? I know I do especially around the Holiday season. This year I thought it would be so fun to try a little something different. Rather than just matching pajamas I thought it would be fun if we all had matching slippers. Slippers from where? Dearfoams.

If you've never heard of Dearfoams before than you've been missing out. Dearfoams is an incredible female-founded brand that brings us only the comfiest slippers around. For the last 70 years, they've believed nothing is better at the end of the day than a pair of Dearfoams. Let me tell you, they were absolutely right.

I remember the first time I came across a pair of Dearfoam slippers. I was so excited because they were so cute. I ended up getting a pair not only for me but for my entire family to enjoy. They were a hit! So much that my husband actually started wearing them outside the house. I kid you not like grocery shopping in them, he fell head over hills for the slippers. But my husband wasn't the only one Aria loved her's so much she started sleeping in them, and Ivy even asked to wear hers to school. See I wasn't joking when I tell you they were a hit. Ask for me? Well, what do you think I'm wearing on my feet right now? Super cozy as I type this blog, yep! My Dearfoams. 

The Dearfoams pictured are actually apart of their 2019 Holiday Collection in clog red plaid which by the way also comes in blue plaid. We have mama bear, papa bear, for us adults and two sets of little bear for the girls. The slippers come in a variety of sizes from tiny little baby to big adult and everything else in between. The slippers are true to your normal shoe size only way comfier.  They have multi-density cushioned with superb memory foam in the inside. So yes, basically feels like your walking on fluffy pillows all day. The slippers also are equipped with outdoor and indoor outsoles and with the cute plaid design and the bear ears I can promise you it will be the cutest thing you ever wear on your feet. These slippers are built to last and clean. Seeing as how you can throw them in the machine on cold and air dry. Plus all slippers are guaranteed a 1-year warranty as well. I can't tell you guys enough how amazing these are for the warm family holiday nights that are ahead. 
Convinced your family needs matching Dearfoams now? I bet :)

Thank you so much Dearfoams for our families' slippers! 
to find out more about Dearfoams and how to match with your family click here.

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