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A Healthy Living Routine You Can Actually Follow.

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By now we would think that the spur of the New Year has faded away. Life is not as easy as waking up everyday with the motivation to be a better person. Instead, we find our ways of sinking back into the norm of doing nothing, and never actually getting anywhere in life. Whereas life should be about the challenges we face to better ourselves. If you don't have the outlook on life of wanting to be the best version of yourself, you're never going to feel fulfilled in life. We feel the sluggish ways we do most days because we're just not living good lifestyles. We eat too much junk food, we go days without having the correct amount of hours of sleep, and we don't drink enough. Literally all of the things that our bodies need to do to function, we don't do. But that's because following a truly healthy lifestyle always seems to be hard. That is until, you find a rhythm that's easy to follow. We're going to show you some lifestyle choices that definitely work! 

Fitness Choices

Fitness is a choice that everyone has. You can either take the time to be super healthy and fit, or you can do the absolute opposite and hate all forms of exercise. But what you'll find when you do find that passion, is a lifestyle that you can love more. You'll have so much more energy, something to focus on, and you'll actually start to love your body. Club4Fitness is just one of the centres that you can join if you're looking to join a gym. Gym based workouts are becoming more popular now thanks to the Instagram influences who are promoting different gym based workouts. It's always better to train with someone in the gym, so find a friend or a PT who can get you going with training. It won't be so easy to go on your own then! 

Diet Changes 

Diet changes are definitely the hardest to stick to. There's so much temptation around. From the shopping trips with outrageous amounts of junk food, to the takeaways that are far more appealing on a Friday night. So, rather than making big changes, why not just make one and remove something from your diet. Whether it be the daily snacks if you have them, or a glass of wine you might indulge in. Make changes one by one, and add in more protein and macronutrients. Before you know it you'll be on a healthy diet! 

Routine Changes 

Routine is often hard to change because we are creatures of habit. We'd rather stick to what we know than do something different. One routine change we have is to turn everything off an hour earlier than you usually would, and close your eyes and wait to sleep. Sleep is something we're all failing on, but that could easily be changed by just going to bed an hour earlier. Try reading a book before you go to sleep rather than scrolling through social media.

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