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A little taste of Korea with Yoo Gwa traditional rice cookies.

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Hi friends!
Do you have a bucket list of countries you want to travel to? the things you want to see there? the people you want to meet? the best spots to take those Instagram worthy photos? Well I know I do. There are so many places on my bucket list I would absolutely love to travel to, but one of them is at the very top of my list and that place is Korea. Korea has always been such an interesting place to me. The culture, the fashion, the music and of course the food. Though I don't get to visit Korea any time soon that's okay and you wanna know why? Because I have the sweetest little pieces of Korea here with me, thanks to Yoo Gwa.

One of the greatest ways to embrace a brand new culture is through food. So I am super excited to bring you guys this treat from Korea. Yoo Gwa is a Korean traditional rice cookie. They are a low-calorie snack so you don't have to worry about your weight. They come inside of a pretty nice sized boxed and are packaged in two nice sized plastic bags. They are as gentle as a bag of chips and lightweight too. These cookies are very popular in Korea, especially in local cafes and supermarkets. So how are the cookies made and what's in them?

Well, Yoo Gwa is glutinous rice that is first washed and then soaked for up to 15 days. Next, the rice is the recleaned a few times and the moisture is removed. After all the moisture is completely gone the rice is then ground, steamed and dried. The last two steps are as followed. The rice is then fried once at a low temperature and then at a high temperature. It is then covered in apple syrup and powdered. Yoo Gwa is then officially done and ready to devour. It is suggested that Yoo Gwa is always kept sealed for freshness and kept in a cool place. Now, what did I think of Yoo Gwa?

As I said before I have always wanted to visit Korea and try the food. I could hardly wait until my package was delivered. Once it was I immediately took it out of the box as suggested poured a few into a bowl and got comfortable with my kiddos on the couch. I bit into my cookie and was delightfully pleased with the taste. The cookie is the size of a chetto puff, maybe a little bigger. The outside was crunchy and flaky I could taste the apple syrup and also bits of sesame it was super sweet. The inside? soft and moist like a cake and melted in my mouth. Don't even get me started on the amazing smell. I absolutely loved the taste of this cookie and my kids did too. They are a good snack for kids. I would love to try it again maybe with milk or an unsweetened tea.

Yoo Gwa cookies are great for when I am working from home or even to store in my bag on the go. I still would love to visit Korea someday, but I am so happy in the meantime I have these treats. I have found a new healthy and delicious go-to snack.

If you would like to try Yoo Gwa for yourself they can be purchased through Amazon here.

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