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Aria's Pancakes & Pajamas birthday.

Hi Friends!
As you all know last week my baby girl turned 4 years old. Her birthday landed on a Tuesday so to celebrate her day I put together a fun little after school get together with family and close friends. Oh yeah, there were also pancakes and pajamas. 

The kitchen filled with the smell of delicious breakfast foods. Mini sausages,  regular and Canadian bacon, pancakes and lots of sliced fruits. While my sisters arrived later and cooked all the meats the girl's great grandmother came over hours early to help me cook the pancakes.. actually, she cooked them all. I did plan on helping but I started slicing fruits and getting all creative with the little pancake bar I had made. Which I'm not bragging about or anything but was totally a hit. The pancake bar goodies were in a plastic divided plate that spun around and consisted of sprinkles, chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and powdered sugar in the middle. I set out the syrup, and spray butter on the side. I also set up an area across from the food with refreshments such as Capri suns, water, and orange juice. Decorations were hung the night before don't even get me started on the balloon garland with my nails. I'll talk more about that in a later post. Once everything was done about an hour and a half later and set up our guest started rolling in like clockwork.

A week before Aria's get together I sent out an invitation asking that everyone wear pajamas. Originally Aria was going to have a dinosaur themed get together. But once she discovered pancakes and pajamas there was no going back. If you know Aria then you know she is absolutely obsessed with pancakes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This kid would eat them for all three if I let her. Her love for pancakes runs deep and she loves being in her pajamas so this was the perfect theme for her. I asked our guests to celebrate with us between 3:30 - 5:30 pm. Since it was a school night I figured that would be enough time to celebrate, clean up and get to bed without compromising bedtime. I asked that no one brought any gifts for two reasons. One, it was not a party or at least that's what I tell myself, Aria and Ivy actually are having a joint birthday soon but of course, I always do something on their actual birthday just for them. Two, Christmas! Christmas just passed and we are still trying to figure out where to put all the toys. But my friends and family are persistent and I told them if they must bring a gift just bring her $4 in a card. Four because of her age and money that she will save towards whatever activity she would like to do in the near future. But in the end, she ended up money and toys. But you know what I don't think she minded a bit.

Once all of our guests came we begin to eat and celebrate. Adults mingled and kids some played with toys, others the iPad, some stuck to their parents while the others enjoyed Secret Life Of Pets 2 on Netflix. After we all finished eating we sung happy birthday to my girl and she made a wish. Whatever it was I hope it came true.

Aria's cake was made by a fabulous local baker by the name of Allison (check her out here). She was able to whip up Aria's cake so perfectly everyone kept asking me "is that a real cake?". Aria's cake was everything I imagined and I can't wait to work with Allison again. The cake had another special feature on top too, a cake topper. Not just any cake topper a sparkly gold custom one but of course Mom of Sacramento herself Maria. If you are familiar with my blog you have seen a ton of stuff Maria has done. If you arent you can check some out here and here. Maria basically can make anything, any day, any time. She is a super mom. Thank you so much, Maria! I'm saving that cake topper for Aria's baby book. Yep, I'm that mom.


After cake and presents it was time to say goodbye. I was so happy with how Aria's get together turned out. Who knew pancakes and pajamas could be such fun? Huge thank you to all my friends and family members who came and celebrated with us.

Happy birthday, Ari, you are loved so much and worth all the pancakes and pajamas in the world.

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