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Christmas + New Years Eve 19.

Hi friends
Can you believe how fast Christmas came and gone? Not only Christmas but new years too. Everything just seemed to fly by. Even trying to get this blog post out before the new year came proved to be difficult because I just felt like there wasn't enough time. Well now already 9 days into the new year I am super slowly but surely getting out of vacation and holiday mode. The girls have both gone back to school, my husband to work and our household is finally getting back on its daily routine. But before we go to far back into the norm let me tell you about our holidays.

 Christmas 19 was one to remember.  It was our first Christmas in our new place, the first Christmas where Aria did not have a cold and our first Christmas where we actually had guest come over. Some of our family actually stayed overnight with us to be here Christmas morning. Ah, yes Christmas morning. It seemed like everything leading up to Christmas was a blur because again it went by so fast. After we came home from our Disney trip we pretty much blinked and Christmas was here. Note to self don't take a Disney trip again before Christmas unless I prepare like a million and one months in advance. Anyway, Christmas morning came and Santa had also come the night before too. He brought the girls a handful of fun toys and goodies but the thing they loved the most was their toy kitchen. These girls had wanted a toy kitchen for as long as I could remember and Santa finally decided they had been on the good list that year and brought them one. The girls can't get enough of that kitchen I tell ya. After opening gifts and eating it was time to head to my mom's house where you guessed it more gifts, more food and of course more family time. There's not much else to say about Christmas other than it was a wonderful day spent with happy kids, full tummies and lots of memories. Also, next year totally not buying a real Christmas tree, because let me tell you it was just soooo much fun taking it down... I'm joking it took me an hour to clean my carpet. But Merry Christmas right? :)

New Year's Eve was actually not at all what I had in mind, but the crazy thing is it turned out to be the best new years eve I've ever had. That day the girls and I actually visited Chuck E Cheese with our best friends. The place was virtually empty and the kids had a fun time with their 45 minutes of unlimited play and pizza. I have to be honest though I totally ate half the pizza and I was not sorry. After spending the day with our friends it was time to go home, get dressed and ring in the new year or so I thought. Originally my plan was for us to get all dressed up and go out, but after much thought and still being tired from the holidays I decided that we would just stay in for the night. Best decision I ever made. I headed to Target and purchased all the junk food our hearts desired. I also purchased wine glasses and playdough too. Wild night! The girls and I got cozy in our pajamas, we ate all the junk food, drunk all the sparkling apple cider, played with all the playdough and board games in the hall closet and we even brought out my polaroid to snap raw photos of our night. Before the night had started I turned off my phone. Which is something I never do but long story short I just wanted to disconnect and be in the moment with my girls. Aside from the polaroid, we captured the night with my Canon too which are the photos you see below. Somewhere in between all this, we talked, laughed, and toggled between Netflix and Disney Plus. Though it was fun we still struggled to stay up especially Aria but we made it to midnight watching random Youtube countdowns and we celebrated with those little confetti poppers, paper crowns, annoying horns and screaming like mad women "happy new year! happy new year! happy new year!" Hell, it was a great night. I'm keeping all the polaroids to show the girls when they are teenagers how much fun their mom was on new years. Hopefully, they'll still wanna ring in the new year with me for many more years to come. Love my girls.

The holidays were fun but I am so glad they are done with. Though I already see my friends putting out Valentines I'm like back up girlfriend uh no. I hope you all had enjoyed the holidays with your family and I hope that when the 2020 holidays roll around they will be even more enjoyable.
Happy new years friends! 

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