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How My Toddlers Are Learning Math With Elephant Learning Academy.

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"Do you understand?" "Do you understand how I got this number?". My teacher stood over me as I stared at my paper lost, so very lost and confused. I blinked hard and tried to concentrate on the problem but there was no use. I didn't understand. I didn't understand how she got the number, I didn't understand math. Fast forward through all of the elementary school and my math skills never improved any I felt like I never understood years later. Now here we are in the present day and both of my girls have just started school. I know that soon they too will be embarking on their own math journeys. But their journey won't be like mine thanks to Elephant Learning Academy.

Elephant Learning is an Online Academy created for little ones as young as 2 years old all the way to age 16. Elephant Learning Academy is a proven tool that can teach your child how to learn an entire year of math in only 3 months. Totally wishing I had Elephant Learning Academy when I was a little one. It is guaranteed that your child will learn these math skills by using the app for up to 30 minutes per week. Yes! 30 minutes a week. That means by taking 10 minutes a day three times a week for 3 months you will have a little mathlete on your hands. Pretty cool right? How is all of this guaranteed? Well just like a tutor Elephant Learning Academy will recognize what your child does and does not know. It will then take that information and use it to provide your child with new activities that will better teach them their own way.

Elephant Learning Academy was developed by Dr. Aditya Nagrath Ph.D. a university mathematician. Dr. Aditya Nagrath Ph.D. believed that the next generation deserved a better chance at success, he knew that by getting to know math they could obtain life skills that would last them a lifetime. He was absolutely right. 

So how does Elephant Learning Academy work? Well, it's easy first you download the app to your smartphone device. Next, you set up a profile for your child. This part is fun because not only will it ask you more information to get to know your child better you are also able to choose an adorable little animal avatar that best fits your child. Once your child's profile is set up after a short video with a bunch of great information they are ready to begin their math journey. But what about tuition you ask? Elephant Learning Academy tuition isn't due until 3 days after you sign up. That way you can get to know the app and all it has to offer at no cost. There are also no contracts involved. Just wholehearted math and fun learning. So once the profile is up and running the first thing your child will do is take their placement exam. The placement exam determines what level your child is at and will place them accordingly and assign their elephant age. An elephant age is an average age a child is doing similar mathematics outside of the Elephant Learning Academy. From there the fun really begins. As your child's journey, you the parent will receive real-time reports on how they are doing, what they are doing and for how long. They can even go as far as earning scholarships! Did I also mention that there is a $0 registration fee for all of this?

My girls have been using the app for a while now and I can already see a change in their skills! So mom? dad? what are you waiting for? Head to Elephant Learning Academy and get your child's journey started right away. Elephant Learning Academy would have definitely helped me as a child. But now it's here to help my girls and ensure that when the teacher walks up and asks "do you understand?" They can proudly say "I do thanks to Elephant Learning Academy."

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