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A More Plant Based Lifestyle With Your Family.

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If you want to do good for the planet and make sure your family is as healthy as possible, following a more plant based lifestyle could be the way to go. You don’t have to be 100% plant based, but making a few simple changes could make a big difference to the way you feel and the destruction of the planet. 

Below, you’ll find a few pointers that will help you to make a switch. 

  1. Switch To Vegetarian Or Vegan Options 
Instead of having meat with everything, look for vegetarian and vegan options you can have instead. Just a few of the brands you can look for include: 

  • Tofu 
  • Quorn
  • No Bull
  • Linda Mcartney 

In most cases, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference, and you’ll still feel like you have a ‘full’ meal. Many supermarkets do their own range of plant based foods, too. 

  1. Enjoy Plant Based Meals (No Fake Meat Required)
You don’t always need to have a meat substitute. Enjoy plant based meals, like delicious, filling salads. You can also have things like cauliflower curry, and there are lots of pasta dishes that don’t require meat. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with! 

  1. Start The Kids Young (And Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of It)
The younger you start feeding your kids lots of different foods and vegetables, the better. You could try giving the vegetables fun names to encourage them to get stuck in, and even try getting creative with the presentation (to make them want to eat something that isn't breaded). Just don’t make a big deal out of what your kids do or don’t eat. Kids love attention, whether good or bad. If the ‘picky eater’ label gets them attention, then that’s what they’ll do.  

  1. Find Other Food Substitutes
Of course, eating more plant based means cutting down on meat. But how about looking for other substitutes when you’ve mastered that? Take your time so that you can actually do this in a way that’s going to stick. For instance, you could look at making your own egg substitute. You can also try alternative milks, like oat and coconut. You could even make your own! 

  1. Don’t Be Too Strict With Your Choices 
The one thing you don’t want to do is be too strict on yourself and your family. Going cold turkey may not be sustainable for you, so just take your time and see what happens. It might even be better if you don’t put a label on what you’re doing, as this can come with a bunch of added pressure that you don’t want. 

  1. Plan Your Meals Ahead 
Plan the meals you’re going to make for the week ahead. Prep as much as you can, so you’re not tempted to make ready meals or order food. The more you plan, the better! 

How do you plan on following a more plant based lifestyle with your family? Leave your own tips and advice below. Come back soon!

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