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Explaining Food Allergies to Your Child.

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Food allergies in children can be a difficult situation to cope with, especially if it drastically changes the types of foods that are allowed in the house. They can be complicated conditions that your children might have trouble understanding, so it’s important for you as a parent to console them and explain it in a way they can understand.

Make it black and white for your child

It’s important to use black and white terms to help describe foods they should and shouldn’t eat. Some parents use terms like “ok” and “not ok”, but it can help to make it easier to understand such as “safe” and “unsafe” or “yes” and “no” foods. This will help your child understand what foods they should avoid and which they are fine with.

Describe food allergies to your child

Some parents like to use words like “different” or “special” when it comes to comparing their child to others. This is usually a common response when your child asks why they can’t eat certain foods when the other kids can. It’s important to decide what kind of approach you want to take depending on your child’s attitude and personality. Some children enjoy the idea of being different or special, while others would prefer to be the same as other kids. You can either explain allergies as something that makes your child unique or frame it in a way that every child has foods they can and can’t eat.

Below, we’ve included a helpful infographic that explains more about food allergies, detailing some important information that all parents should know.

Infographic: Regis College

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