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How To Get Your Kids More Active.

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Kids spent an awful lot of time in the digital world now. Perhaps they spend their weekend mornings on their iPads, playing games and missing out on other activities that are beneficial to them. A lot of kids will choose to sit and watch TV over going out and doing some sport but there are some great fun ways to get your kids taking an interest in the creative things in life again, and assisting them with their learning in the long run. 
So what are some great ways to get the kids learning and enjoying what they’re doing and not just being glued to a screen. Get creative yourself! Kids often copy adults, so if they see your enthusiasm and interest in other things, then it’s likely that they may want to copy. It isn’t easy to motivate children but it’s important that they are still soaking up valuable knowledge and gaining life skills even when they’re not at school learning. 

  1. Sports classes - there are many classes on evenings and weekends that focus not just on kids but on parents also. Parent/child classes can be really great to bond with your kids and it will give them some fun lasting memories. Whether it’s badminton, fun water acrobats or even parent/child yoga, they can get active with you and this can be adapted at home. It’s a fun way for them to get fit and avoid those screens! Especially if you have more than one child you can dedicate a certain amount of time to each child so they feel valued and that they have your attention for that time.
  2. Read and learn - reading is great for kids but so are audio books. Especially during the school runs or on long drives, you can get audiobooks for kids, which will be informative and fun and allow them to use their concentration on something detrimental and fun. There are an array of books from fiction to more informative books, try something new! 
  3. Arts and crafts - kids thrive on making things. It’s how they learn, so incorporating more arts and crafts into their life can be incredibly important. They will be able to create things to put around their room and even keep for the future for posterity, but make sure that they are free to make a mess; kids learn by being messy. Set some ground rules and have them help you clear up after but letting them be free to create is great for their minds.

Kids thrive on routine also, so keeping certain amounts of time free for fun time and learning is a great way to set boundaries and also still allow them to have an afternoon playing on their computer or iPad. Set them some goals to work to and incentify them with playing their iPads or watching TV. Balance is key. Play around, have some fun and above all, make sure they’re continuing to learn and blossom. They will thank you for it in the end. 

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