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Mom Hack: How to get your kiddos to take fish oil with Kids Smart High DHA Chewables.

“This post is sponsored by; Kids Smart however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hi Friends!
If you have been following along with my blog by now you know that I have a 4 and a 5-year-old both girls. Also if you have been following for a while then you know that I am all about mom hacks. As a mom of two, I am always on the hunt for ways to make mom's life easier. No hack is too little or small, I'll take them all. So needless to say when I learned about a hack to get my kids to take adequate levels of nutrients DHA and EPA I jumped right on it. What is this hack all about? Well, you'll be surprised to know that it is all in a little bottle from Kids Smart.

Kids Smart has put all their smarts together to create something wonderful. A way to ensure that littles are getting their nutrients without them even knowing it. They've created a chewable that looks exactly like a piece of candy and is adorably shaped like a little fishy. These fish-shaped chewables are specially created with levels of Omega-3 fish oil nutrients that are suggested to have on a daily basis. Omega-3 acids cannot be made as humans so it's important to incorporate them as best we can. These chewables are great because they contain a high amount of DHA fish oil 133 mg to be exact which you can't find anywhere else on the market. As I mentioned earlier the nutrients are DHA and EPA. Both of which help support and maintain things such as nervous systems, brain functions, eye health and much more. They even help support behavioral health as well. These chewables are great and even free of gluten. Gluten is a big thing right now especially amongst many little ones so it's important to always know what they are putting in their bodies. Bioglan Kids Smart chewbles are suggested for little ones ages 3 and up no more than twice a day. But you should also talk to your pediatrician for more information. So what did Aria think of them?

Aria gave them two tiny thumbs up and a "yay"! She was intrigued by the bottle from the start. The colorful sea creatures were of her favorite color purple. She also was super excited to see the fun colors and shapes of the chewables as well. Once she bit into it she was shocked to learn there was a liquid taste, sort of like candy. Did I mention they are burstlets? pretty fun right? Safe to say toddler approved.

If you would like to try the Kids Smart High DHA chewables you can purchase them on Amazon here.
You can also save 20% when you purchase a 30 count bottle with the promo code 20MM20KS. Offer valid until March 14, 2020.

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