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Happy 6th birthday Ivy Rose.

My girl.
Today you are 6 years young.
 But tonight as I type this you are still 5. 5 years old for only 2 more hours. Tonight I will wait for you to fall asleep with your mouth open snoring that loud yet little snore you have. Tonight I will take all of your gifts out of my closet and decorate the dining area in the corner of our tiny apartment. But for now, I glance over at you fighting your sleep, your sister continuously playing with you to keep you up. The smell of the cake I am baking you in the oven. Hoping that I don't get too into this blog post that it will burn. Tonight, right now at this moment you are still my 5-year-old mama's girl. Tonight well actually that night this time 6 years ago I was laying in the hospital bed patiently awaiting your arrival. I had.. and okay I lost my train of thought because you've just interrupted me to fix Aria's broken doll's leg. Why are you even still up? It's almost 10:00 pm little girl. Oh, wait that's right your sister. Okay, let's get back on subject. But first, let me go check on your cake I will be right back.

I'm back I set off the fire alarm I'm pretty sure I just burned your cake. The top is brown, the inside is still not cooked. I never said I was a baker but I try to be the best mom. For you and your sister, but it's not about me or your sister today it's about you. 

This girl this amazing little girl you have become. So kind, so sensitive, so loving, so sweet, so smart, so beautiful, so sassy. You literally just bit your sister in her butt and now you're beating her with a pillow. Okay, so this birthday blog isn't quite coming across like I pictured it in my head. But that's okay because you didn't come out like I pictured you in my head neither. You came out a million and one times better than I ever imagined. As I watch you grow every single day I thank god for you, I am so grateful for you and I will forever be in God's debt for choosing me to be your mommy. I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you. Don't ever change. Don't ever stop being the wonderful person you are. Don't ever stop growing, don't ever stop smiling, don't ever stop randomly busting out in your awkward little dance moves, don't ever stop loving your love for Target, or traveling just so you can try out new hotel beds to see which ones are the best to jump on. Don't ever stop being that doughnut loving, girly girl obsessed, gold-hearted girl. I don't care if you are reading this way in the future and you are 20 just don't stop being you. You're my favorite Ivy remember. Happy 6th Birthday, mama.   

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