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How I Refreshed My Mantel For Under $30.00.

Hi friends!
Just like me many of your homes may have that after the holiday's syndrome. What is that? Well, it's that little thing that happens to your home after the holidays. You know when you strip down all the decorations, toss out the tree, take down all the Christmas lights and put all the shiny little ornaments away. Kinda after Valentine's but not quite ready for spring? But have no fear because today I am going to share with you how I shook the after the holiday's syndrome and how I refreshed my mantel in the process.

I will admit I was not one of those "oh I love my Christmas tree I don't wanna take it down" kinda people after Christmas. Nope! In fact, I was actually tired of staring at my tree and couldn't wait to get rid of it. Long story short one night a mosquito flew from the window next to our tree. I flipped out I started thinking of my tree as a giant plant. A giant plant with bugs and I couldn't wait to get it out of my house. Needless to say, next year we will uh have a fake tree. But that's a story for another day. Anywho once the tree was down and all of the holiday decor was packed I felt a little gray. Not because my decor is gray but because our little home just felt so empty. Then Valentine came, but I wasn't much of a Valentine's day decor person either so... Yes, I had the after the holiday syndrome.  I put all my regular decor back, I cleaned, I hung new photos on the wall but nothing helped. So I began thinking what can I do to make my home feel like a home again? At At that moment I realized I would refresh the heart of our little home our mantel.

So to refresh your mantel you must first ask yourself what can I fit on my mantel? Well, my mantel is very small but I knew I wanted something homey but also something that fit with the rest of my living room. 

I headed to Target dollar spot where I purchased these tiny homes. I believe they were actually about $2-$3. They were super cute and even lit up.  I grabbed a handful of those five to be exact. Next, I headed to my local Hobby Lobby where I found the cutest cake stands. My friend Gabi actually gave me the idea to sit some of the homes on cake stands which I absolutely love so much. I would have never thought to use a cake stand but the tiny homes fit perfectly and the cake stands only cost me a few bucks. I also accidentally ran upon a little decorative sign that was only $2 as well and snagged it. I envisioned this in the center of mantel amongst the tiny house and the cake stands. Lastly, I headed to a local Michels craft store where I found a $9 garland to give my mantel a pop of color. The garland was a little long so I cut each side and wrapped the rest around the bars of my mantel. I liked this look a lot. It reminded me of the beautiful brick homes in new york city with the green like vine in between the bricks. I believe they call it Ivy. To top off my refresh I added a white pom pom garland in between everything. I can't lie I totally used this for Christmas but it was too cute and reusable to pack away I had too.

Once I put everything together on the mantel it flowed so perfectly. It made for one of my most favorite parts of our living room. Also something we receive a lot of compliments on when we have visitors. This whole set up cost me under $30 and was so easy and quick to do. I hope this gives you ideas on what to do with your mantel and also how to shake the after the holiday syndrome for your home as well. Have fun refreshing! 

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