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Our first trip to Walt Disney World: Part 3

“This post is sponsored by; Walt Disney World however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hi friends!
Disney World day 3. That morning I was up so early I actually beat the sun. If I remember correctly we had to be on the bus by 7:00 am. Today was the biggest day for the creators yet. It was our creator conference where we would meet celebrities, learn how to create Disney content, get a ton of surprise goodies and learn all about what the future holds for Disney.

That morning the creators and I hopped on our buses and headed off to our event at The Contemporary Resort Convention Center.  We were greeted by a delicious smelling breakfast buffet along with a ton of wonderful Disney media. As we sat down live music was being sung by some pretty cool Disney performers. They remixed some of our favorite Disney tunes in acapella. It was a fun way to start the day. Breakfast and a show! When the performers were done we were introduced to Leanne O’Regan. Leanne is the director of public relations for Disney Parks, Experiences and also Products. Leanne spoke to us about what we would be going over during our conference and what to expect. 

During our conference, we got to learn some really cool things! But first, let me tell you about the really cool people we got to meet. Besides all of the Disney media, we also go to meet some cool celebrities like Jeff Kurtti the author of Travels With Walt Disney. He wrote a really nice detailed book with photos on Walt and all of his travels. We got to met Tamron Hall the talk show host of the Tameron Hall Show. She was very sweet and super inspiring. We also got to meet two of the stars from the show Diary Of A Future President Tessa Romero and Selenis Leyva. It was so neat being able to meet all of these people. But my personal favorite? Bret Iwan! The voice of Mickey Mouse. From his back story to his current one Bret was very humble and had the room in tears. He is one genuine guy and it was so surreal hearing him do Mickey's voice. Aside from meeting the celebrities, we were able to meet inspirational Tik Tok stars and learn about new brand new attractions coming to the parks. Attractions such as Zootopia Land coming to Shanghai and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot. Oh and don't forget the food. We learned about new restaurants too like Space 220 and La Crêperie de Paris both coming to Disney World soon. Another cool thing we learned about was World Wish Day and how Disney partners with Make A Wish to grant wishes for little ones who are sick. Fun Fact did you know in 2018 Disney granted 120,000 wishes! Amazing right. Another fun fact? World Wish Day will actually be April 29, 2020, this year! Get your ear ready!

Once our conference was over we were lead into the room next door for goodies, goodies, and more goodies! Everything from books, to plush Minnie Mouse dolls, cell phone cases from Otterbox and flip flops from Havaianas! Disney did not disappoint when it came to spoiling us with all the good stuff. After the spoiling ensued we were free to head to the parks and meet up with our families.

When I found Dayjhan and the girls back at Magic Kingdom they were enjoying the sun and some splash pad fun together. It was a super hot afternoon and water was absolutely perfect for cooling off. We chowed down on some snacks and it was time to explore the rest of Magic Kingdome. If you read part 1 of my blog you might remember that we only briefly got to explore it turning day 1. So it was sweet to be able to check out the other side of the park. After exploring rides like Montsers Inc. Laugh On The Floor, The Barnstormer and more it was time to eat at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. Let me tell you until you've had mac and cheese on a bacon burger you haven't had a bacon burger okay girlfriend. The food was great and we basically ate our weight in french fries. With our tummies finally full, we shopped, ate more mountains of junk food, bought really expensive Mickey balloons ha! and viewed the Move It Shake It Parade. Heads up if you watch it get as close to the castle as possible. The Parade will stop near the castle and the real show will start with all the fun dancing. Unfortunately, we had no idea and watched it on Main Street. Nevertheless still a magic time. 

After an evening firework show and some treats compliments of Disney, it was back to the hotel for some R and R.

Next week our last day at Walt Disney World before our Disney cruise, Avatar, Ivy and I eat Epcot and ever heard of something called Rise Of The Resistance? Don't miss it.

To be continued...

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