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Our first trip to Walt Disney World: Part 4

“This post is sponsored by; Walt Disney World however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hi friends!
How have you been? I know with most of us being on lockdown right now we could all use a little bit of magic in our hearts. So I hope today's post of our last day of Disney World gives you that little bit of magic you so truly deserve. Ladies and gentlemen, our Walt Disney World ending..

Our very last day of Walt Disney World did not disappoint but just like the other days, we were up nice and early for some fun. Walt Disney World was generous enough to open up the park to us an hour before the public. The day started with the creator's breakfast at the Animal Kingdom we were able to have our families attend if we liked. The breakfast was held at Pandora with a giant buffet of options like fruits, pineapple lumpia, blueberry muffins and more. When breakfast ended my friend Gabi and I decided to ride Avatar Flight Of Passage again and again! Seriously my favorite ride in all of Animal Kingdom so much fun. The 3d graphics and feels are unexplainable. Later once the morning was over we all went separate ways with our families.

We did not get through the entire park when we visited on day 2 so it was definitely a top priority to do so seeing as how it was our last day. Heading through Africa then Asia Dayjhan and Ivy rode Expedition Everest-Legend Of The Forbidden Mountain while Aria and I got some photo ops in. We did not get to stay in Asia very long because the kids wanted to check out Dinoland U.S.A. Dinoland was extremely cute and decked out in all things dinosaurs unfortunately many of the rides were closed and the one thing we could all ride together TriceraTop Spin had a really long line. So instead we took a few family fun photos with Goofy, stopped for another snack and a little shopping. Oh! I forgot to mention we did stop by to watch the 3D film It's Tough To Be A Bug before leaving Discovery Island earlier in the day. The show was so good and so funny! from battling flying bugs to getting zapped in our butts literally It's Tough To Be A Bug was definitely a family favorite. 

All done with Animal Kingdom my family and I headed to Epcot. Thus far we had been to Epcot twice! unfortunately, both times had been in the dark so we were pumped to be able to go in the daylight. When we got there we headed right to The Seas With Nemo and Friends. Explored parts of the aquarium and was hypnotized by the sharks and dolphins we saw. All sea creatured out it was back outside to Epcot we went! Dayjhan and Aria had other plans though. The duo decided they were tired and simply needed a nap. 

So the two of them headed back to the room while Ivy and I were left to explore Epcot just the two of us. I will admit not having to push a stroller through crowds made everything so much easier and since Ivy is a little older than Aria we were able to cover more ground without much whining. Ivy and I stopped to eat more than 2-3 times, we shopped, ate some more, painted, ate some more, played on the playground, Rode Frozen Ever After again! and took a million photos and we were pooed. When we got back to The Rivera Dayjhan and Aria were still asleep so we decided to head to the pool and play because before we knew it we had our last creators event to attend.  

A few hours later we were rested, changed and walking through Disney's Hollywood Studio there we were. We basically stuck to Toy Story Land like glue because Toy Story Land duh. The four of us rode Slinky Dog Dash ate dinner at Woody's Lunch Box and watched fireworks reflecting on what a wonderful day we had as a family. But.. it was officially time. Time for what? Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

When Walt Disney World closed that night it was just us left. The creators, their families and of course a few Storm Troopers.  We got to experience Rise Of The Resistance without waiting in line. Which was crazy by the way! I never have been on such a realistic ride. The time and effort spent on that ride really shows it was incredible. Kudos to Walt Disney World for that. We also got to experience a really amazing dessert bar with literally out of this world treats and drinks. 

The whole night was so fun but it had to come to an end for tomorrow we finally would sail away on our 3 day Disney cruise.

To be continued...

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