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Everything Butt: Exercises To Build Your Booty (And Why It's Important).

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Every woman should strength train. Not only does building lean muscle mass enhance your shape and definition, it also helps you to feel empowered, confident and formidable. Not to mention improving bone density and actually tricking our cells into thinking that they’re younger. cardio vascular exercise is important for burning fat and keeping our tickers in tip top shape. But any woman who neglects strength training can only ever get half a workout. When we talk about building the glutes, people inevitably assume that we want to get a round, firm booty for aesthetic purposes. Yet, while this is a perfectly acceptable goal in and of itself, there are a wide range of health reasons why you might want to spend more time on your glutes. 

Strong glutes help to maintain good posture and proper pelvic alignment when running and walking and reduce the stress on your knee and ankle joints. Sure, you may have had to say goodbye to your gym for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great butt-building workout at home. So, pick out some flattering leggings from Curves N Combatboots and prepare to take your booty to boot camp with these exercises…


There’s no netter glute building exercise than squats, which is why you should incorporate them into every workout routine. You can do squats using dumbells, a barbell or just your own body weight (air squats). Just make sure you keep your chest out, push your butt outwards and get down as low as you can for proper muscle engagement.

Glute bridges

The bridge is an essential skill for wrestling and grappling arts like jiu jitsu. It’s also a great way to work the glutes while also strengthening the core. You can bridge with both legs or just one. 

Glute rainbows

Starting out on all fours, stretch one leg behind you and swing it around in an arc like a rainbow behind and across your prone leg. Return to the center and repeat this for the other leg. A great workout for the butt, core and hip flexor muscles. 

Kneeling hinge

From a kneeling position, stack your hips above your knees being careful not to let your butt touch your heels. From here, engage your abs and hinge at the hips until you bend to a 90 degree angle. You should feel your glutes engage at this point. Push with your glutes until you’re back into a kneeling position. 


A great way to engage the glutes and the hips that support them. Lay on the ground on your side and move your hips to a 45 degree angle so that your knees are at right angles. Keep your feet pressed together as you push your knee away from your core, so that your hips open up like a clam. Clench your glutes and abs when you get to the top of the movement. 


And finally, lunges are awesome exercises for the glutes and quads. Forward lunges, rear lunges, side lunges, pulse lunges and curtsey lunges can all be used to make sure that leg day never gets too monotonous.

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