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Be Curious by Joy Cho (book review).

Hi friends!
How are you guys today? I am doing great, I am also really excited to talk to you guys today all about the brand new book entitled Be Curious By Joy Cho.
Joy Cho is the founder of the colorful brand Oh Joy! Oh Joy! is a brand you might recognize from Target that brings you a variety of products such as clothes, accessories, party decor and more.  A few years ago I discovered Joy on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with her eccentric views on life. Joy is a mother of two girls, like myself, so that really made me resonate with her even more. When I first learned that Joy was publishing a children's book I was excited. I knew what Oh Joy! the brand brought to the table so I knew a children's book would be just as amazing. When Joy announced the pre-orders back in March I was all over it. A few days ago the book arrived at my doorstep via Amazon and the next night I read it to my girls.

Be Curious is a book that was written by Joy Cho with artwork by Angie Stalker. Angie Stalker is an artist who can do no wrong. Angie and Joy together is seriously like a match made in heaven. The book is short and sweet and is all about how much fun it can be when you practice curiosity. From the moment I open the booked Ivy and Aria were so thrilled. The first thing they noticed was the book had lift and pop up flaps. They noticed this even before I did. I thought this was super cool because it kept their attention and interested. If you have young kids in your life you understand that struggle. Every time we turned the page and they discovered a new flap they would literally scream and giggle. Each page of the book brought even more colorful artwork - Angie really outdid herself! Some of our favorites were the a squirrel in a party hat, a cat eating a cookie, balloons with stripe-polka dot patterns and so much more. There were even sweet little rhymes to go with all the artwork. Not only did I enjoy reading it to them but the girls genuinely enjoyed listening along. 

Be Curious is such a playful book and at a great price too. It makes the perfect addition to add to your little one's library. I would definitely recommend picking up a copy today (or ordering it on Amazon right now). I can't wait for the next book Joy and Angie, fabulous work!

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