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Our first trip to Walt Disney World (the cruise): Part 6

“This post is sponsored by; Walt Disney World however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hi Friends!
Today's blog is honestly my favorite day out of the entire dare I say trip? If you're ready for dolphins, dance parties with strangers, getting caught in rainstorms, Beauty and The Beast, fireworks and a ton of Disney magic then this blog is for you. Let's do this!

Day 2 on the cruise I had woken up with a fresh start, as I had told you guys in the last post here I had got sick the night before. I was so happy to get some sleep in our comfy cabin bed. I was well-rested and so ready for the day and the girl's big surprise. We will talk about the surprise in a little bit. So we showered, got dressed and headed downstairs to the breakfast buffet. A mouth full of bacon, eggs, and mickey shaped waffles later we were ready to explore the ship some more as we did a little the day before. The first thing was first, of course, we had to check out Nemo's Reef. Nemo's Reef is a wet play area for kids decked out in all things Finding Nemo. So this was basically like a splash pad for little ones on the ship. Ivy loved it she splashed around and slid down the slide, ran around with other kids and got all soaked. Aria, on the other hand, was still a little sleepy and cranky. Dayjhan decided to take her back to the room for a nap. Ivy and I decided to meet up with my friend Gabi and her daughter on the upper deck for some mini-golf. Although the girls had no idea what they were doing it was too cute to watch them hit the ball back and forth. We even ran into Donald Duck just hanging out for some photo ops. On the Disney cruise, there are always characters walking about you just have to be prepared to stand in a line to meet them most of the time just like at the parks. Lucky for us there was no line and Donald was by himself. What a sweet little duck. After hanging on the upper deck it was time for us to head back downstairs so the girls could enjoy the pool and the movie on the big screen. This was the perfect time for us moms to catch up on some girl talk, but not for long because the time for girl's big surprise was getting close.

Ivy and I met up with Dayjhan and Aria and made our way downstairs to what we thought was the meetup spot for the excursion. Little did we know after an intensive game of group Jenga with 4 other families and 30 minutes later we were actually in the wrong spot. Oops. We ran as quick as we could to a crew member and was able to be escorted off the boat to the correct excursion spot just in time. We boarded a small boat and headed for an island about 20 minutes away. The boat ride was so wavy we roared over waves again and again and again a bit of water even came in the boat. We screamed and it tickled but it was actually pretty fun. The captain knew exactly what he was doing and it was defiantly one heck of a ride. Once at the island, everyone got off the boat and we headed for our excursion with DOLPHINS! Yes. The girl's big surprise was the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter. There we were able to interact with the dolphins for about 40 minutes with a professional instructor. A few years ago Dayjhan and I were able to do this together in Mexico and had brought home photos. Ever since the girls had been wanting to have a dolphin experience of their own. Especially Ivy she would always talk about the day she would get to meet a dolphin. Well, today was the day. One by one every family was brought into the water for their interactions. During this time we got to dance with the dolphins, feed, kiss and much more. It was pretty amazing to be able to do this with the girls. It was also very special and we will always be grateful for the memories that day. When our encounter was over and we played in the sand for a bit it was time to head back to the dock. Remember early when I mentioned a dance party with strangers? Well on the boat on the way back there was overhead music played by the captain. That is when a group of girlfriends started a dance party and while we were all strangers to each other everyone joined in on the fun. Rather we were in our seats bobbing our heads or up dancing it's always so fun to see how music and Disney unite people. Oh yeah and remember I also mentioned a rainstorm? Well once we docked the rain came out of nowhere! We lost Dayjhan and the girls and I ran for what seemed like forever trying to get back to the boat. We eventually found Dayjhan and the boat but we were so soaked and wet we had to go right to the room to change our clothes. I wonder if the girls will remember that when they're older?

Dinner time! That night we dined in the Enchanted Garden which was absolutely gorgeous. Not only was the ambiance great but the guest service and the food were both exceptional. Both Ivy and Aria dressed in their Frozen Elsa dresses for the occasion and Dayjhan and I did a bit of dressing up ourselves. Disney really puts a lot of work into giving you the best dining experiences on their cruise. But even better than their dining experience? Their live shows. Oh my goodness I wish I could write an entire post about how beautiful the Beauty And The Beast play was but seriously it would be the longest post ever and we also weren't allowed to record or take photos so I have nothing to show you guys. But oh my what a show! The actors were on point with every single line and so in tune with their characters. The costumes, props, and backdrops were so realistic, confetti flew over our heads multiple times and we literally gave them a standing ovation at the end. Disney if you are reading this please bring the live-action show to TV or DVD. Honestly the best show ever.

What a better way to end the night than with a beach bag of surprises awaiting us in our room from our friends over at Go-Go Squeeze. We would definitely need them for the beach day ahead of us the next morning and I can't forget the fireworks. A spectacular firework show right outside our balcony over the water. After a day full of magic there was no other magical way to go than Disney fireworks before we headed off to bed.

To be continued...

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