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Our first trip to Walt Disney World (the cruise): Part 7 the end.

“This post is sponsored by; Walt Disney World however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hi Friends!
Today is the day. Our Disney trip has come to an end and while I have really enjoyed writing these blogs and sharing all the memories made it's sad this is the end. I really miss Disney and with everything going on I have no idea when they will open again or when will be able to go back. But one thing is for sure I am totally happy to keep the Disney magic alive through these blog posts, photos, videos and however else I can. So, friends, I present to you the last 2 days of our Disney trip.

The morning we woke up we all knew it would be our last full day on the cruise. Really sad and not ever wanting to go home we decided to make the best of it, enjoy it and take it all in. We got up and headed downstairs for breakfast at the buffet. When we were finally full we headed upstairs to play a bit of mini-golf. The views were absolutely beautiful and we could see the entire private island of Castaway Cay. Years of doing research for this island online and there it was finally in person. A million times more beautiful than any photo. I would say it was for sure a bucket list moment for me. We continued to play golf until we were finally safe to get off of the boat. We headed down and made our way through pathways of chirping birds, sunshine and palm trees. We were so excited for this day because it was this day that we would finally run our Castaway 5k.

We dropped Ivy and Aria off at the islands child care center Scuttles Cove for little ones age 3-12 and Dayjhan and I headed to the starting lines. A 5k in the Bahamas! What a dream. Never have I ever been so relaxed on a run, I literally ran a few seconds with my eyes closed just to feel all the feels. It was beautiful, it was breathtaking, it was no way I was going to let my husband beat me in my sport! Oh yeah my competitive nature came out and it was on. The entire 5k we were neck and neck and side to side he passed me a few times, I passed him a few times but there it was the finish line. We crossed it together and grabbed commemorative racing metals. Wahoo! we did it! Now it was time for some relaxation. I grabbed the girls from Scuttles Cove and after a few quick photo ops with Goofy and a mango strawberry rum drink which I very much earned we were laying out on the most perfect white sandy beach under a giant umbrella across from the bluest waters. For the rest of the afternoon on the beach, our time consisted of taking photos with friends, splashing in the water, eating a Disney BBQ buffet and of course a dance party with Minnie Mouse and Goofy. I don't think that afternoon couldn't have been any more amazing. Disney, I love you.

When we got back to the ship we showered and changed and headed on down to Vanellopes Sweets & Treats. Disney had graciously gifted us some gift cards to grab a ton of treats. We walked out with so much good stuff. Candy for our airplane ride, a huge bowl of ice cream, strawberries, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate-covered marshmallows and pretzels and so much more. We were on a crazy sugar rush afterward so we did some walking around the boat and then took a break on the upper deck to watch The Little Mermaid playing on the big screen. After the movie, I went downstairs to the lounge for our very last creators event. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to my friends both new and old but it was also so surreal knowing that I had just completed such an awesome journey during this last week with all my fellow Disney creators.

The night ended with dinner and movie back on the deck this time just Ivy and I. We watched Mulan and ate all the french fries and chicken strips we could ever eat. We went to sleep that night well-fed and ready as will ever be to head home. With the blink of an eye two states, two planes later, and a drive from Oakland airport back to Sacramento thanks to my best friend we were finally home.

Disney. What can I say? Simply Thank you! Thank you for inviting my family and me to attend a once in a life event. Thank you for opening your gates to us and letting us run through your parks, eat your food, ride all your rides and be present with you. Thank you for the laughter you brought my girls when they got to meet their favorite Disney characters. Thank you for the exercise you gave us because walking through those parks ain't no joke :) Thank you for allowing us to set sail on your beautiful cruise ship and giving our girls their first cruise. Thank you for all memories. We are truly a family that will continue to spread the magic you gave us to others. Little by little, day by day.
Thank you so much, Disney, from the bottom of our hearts.

The End.

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