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The truth about becoming a full-time blogger.

Hi Friends! 
It's been about a year now since I made the switch from working over 40 hours a week in a medical office. To being home blogging full time with my kids. Ever since I made the switch I get asked the same question on a daily basis "how do you like blogging full time now?" Simple question right? Wrong because the short answer I usually give is "I love it, it's fun." But there's so much more I want to say. So much more I have to add. So today I'm telling the truth and nothing but the truth. How is it really being a full-time blogger?
 It's been almost a year of blogging full time now and my life has changed so much in such a short period of time. I went from having a boss to being the boss. I went from wearing business casual clothes to work to wearing legging and mom tees.  But what's it really like?

For starters, my organization officially went down the toilet. When I was working a 9-5 I was so organized. From the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep to my weekends and anything else in between everything was planned. Now that I have an entire day with no 9-5 my schedule is all over the place.  Blog deadlines are everywhere, my planner is more like a giant sticky note and I find myself saying "oops I forgot about that." At least once a day. I had a coffee date with a friend of mine named Erica. Erica has been her own boss for years, she's also a blogger. She told me not to worry eventually I will obtain my organization again just gotta give it some time.

My family dynamic has changed as well. Before blogging full time I would usually get home around 5:30 pm leaving me not much time to enjoy my family after chores, homework and all that stuff. Now being home working has really changed everything. My marriage is stronger, my kids are happier and we get to spend more time together as a family. My heart is happy.

Money is funny. When you blog you have to know how to save. Saving your money is extremely important but especially important when it's your source of income. As one of my friends told me you have to save because when it's good it's good, but when it's bad it's bad. So saving and investing my money has really worked out for me so far. I  am so thankful.

I'm happier. At my old job, I felt like a prisoner. I remember staring out the window and watching the cars go by thinking" I know I have a bigger purpose." I was right. Being able to write when I want, spend time with my family, being my own boss all while getting paid is a dream. Every single day I'm living my dream.

So the truth about becoming a full-time blogger?
It's absolutely positively the best job ever! Even on the hardest days, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can never tell someone to quit your job, become a full-time blogger and make lots of money it's easy! because that would be a lie. It takes hard work, long nights, and crazy dedication oh and patience.. tons and tons of patience. But what I can say is that this is your life and it's what you choose to make of it. If you want it bad enough and believe it's yours then you're already halfway there and if it's meant for you then you will without a doubt get it. Not just in blogging but in everything you do in life. Thanks for reading my friends.

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