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Springtime Is Here, So Get Out Your Pic-a-nic Baskets.

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Even though you may not be able to go to the park just yet, you can still have an outdoor lunch with your family. Make it interesting by making some snacks for a picnic in the garden. These snacks have to be light but not too light; we’re not in the summer yet. They should be sweet but have a good texture so they should be chewy. The best food for picnics should also have a cold option as some people feel the warmth spring a lot more than others.

The classics

Coleslaw is so good during spring. It's the first real cold side dish that people are willing to eat after 3 long months of winter. Coleslaw can be dry or wet, it depends on what your family likes. Couple that coleslaw with some classic cold pasta. Again, this doesn’t mean the pasta has to be wet. You can substitute mayonnaise for extra virgin olive oil for this one. Cold pasta dishes that are most popular in spring, will include some herbs such as oregano and basil. Leave thyme and rosemary in the kitchen as these are simply too strong for a cold pasta dish. You can also make small granola cups, filled with chopped strawberries, granola, raisins, and topped with some cold spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt.

Good old country snacks

If you’re from the countryside, you’ll want something that tastes familiar. Pretzels are smoky, salty, and fluffy on the inside. Eastern Standard Provisions makes some of the finest gourmet pretzels in the world. They can deliver a basketful of your favorites straight to your door which is convenient considering the pressing times we’re in. Their turnbuckle pretzel is very popular because there’s simply more of the soft, white, fluffy, and chewy dough. They also have various salts you can sprinkle on tops such as truffle salt, spiced salt, chili lime, and lemon rosemary. Since pretzels have a strong flavor, rosemary is allowed as it won’t overpower the taste. You should also try to make a hazelnut dip to go with these pretzels if you really want to wow your family.

Subs and sandwiches

It just wouldn’t be a picnic without some cold sandwiches and subs. The classic 'ploughman's lunch’ sandwich or sharp cheddar cheese, ripe tomatoes, and some finely sliced smoked ham. Together with this, goes some quartered pickles, slices of ripe apple, and perhaps some boiled eggs halves as well. This is more of a simple yet delicious platter that goes with a simple sandwich. 

For the sub, go all out. Make a chicken caesar salad with the best ingredients you can find. Make sure the lettuce is crispy and has a bit of bite to it. The bacon should be dry-cured and slightly charred. The mayonnaise should be allowed to sink into the sub a little before applying a second slathering. With this, you can have smoked fried mushrooms mixed with some garlic and chili.

Springtime picnics are some of the best family moments. These snacks will be light enough to enjoy without feeling bloated on a warm day and easy enough to make an hour before lunch. 

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